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2011 - Happy New Year!

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Well folks, it's that time of year when we usually have at least a short glance backwards.

2010 was a strange year for me - full of challenges, even more so than usual. That being said, it was an important and very significant year too in that I finally learned to read some of our main prayers. As someone who was so proud to call themselves a Sikh for so long, it seems very strange that I had never given this the importance it deserves previously. But we live and learn, and grow (if we are lucky to have nadar).

And that is what I hope for 2011. May we all progress and refine ourselves along this brief sojourn and make this short life one that is worthwhile and fight the 'good fight' (yes, I just saw Book of Eli!).

Happy new year to you all!!

I have to add, exchanges I had on this forum have helped me immeasurably in my journey. Thanks for that folks!

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Dalsingh are you still looking for Bhai Nand Lals tankhahnama in gurmukhi? I've found it on my computer

Well, I started to try and map the Panjabi text I found in Piara Singh Padam's book with the English translation of MS770 by McLeod but gave up after a while when I realised that whilst sections of the text do indeed overlap, there are sections in the English translation not represented in Padam's text and vice versa.

Where is your text from?

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