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Recession And Food Banks


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Many would have heard from news channel about the mushrooming growth of food banks in the UK/Europe.

Whereas two or three years ago there were just a few dozen in the UK, now there are a few hundred and growing fast.

My question is are there any gurdwaras in the UK that have set up a similar system to help feed their local (non-sikh) community?

I would have thought that with the langar system up and running gurdwaras would be at the forefront of helping local communities. But I havn't heard of any gurdwaras taking the initiative here.

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Just realised there is a supposed 'maryada' that we cannot take food away from the langar. We can only eat there and then.

So that puts a dampener on people taking food for their families at home.

I've taken langar home in yogurt pots - didn't know I was breaking maryada??

What about freshies you take langar to work to save costs?

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Our present day gurdwaras are not really gurdwara's, they are living in the past.

Our langers are not really langers, we are basically only feeding a select community, and not worried about humanity.

If chinese, blacks, goras started coming to the gurdwara langers, they would be eventually kicked out by our pendu pardhans........

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baba ji this prob is all over ...let me give you an example , i visited shri hazur sahib for dushera last year , i met my local friends there too. i cam to know that the local sikhs do not regularly have langar there, if a local sikh was seen regularly they would inquire if he had any problems.The sikhs there understand langar is for the yatris who have come from miles across.

the growing populations, adding to people who come for just free food, i m not talking about the needy but those who feel they save on eating in a restaurant because the langar is tasty ! i know a few personally, non sikhs who wont even part with a rupee for the golak but hog on parshaddas and kheer. How long for do u think we can the burden of parasites ? food is also getting costlier.

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