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Sri Harmandar Sahib Attack 1984 - Video


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I think we should stop harping about the past and continue trying to make the best situation possible for our upcoming generations. These kinds of things although tragic need to put on the backburner. Or else this will never stop.

Hindus have grievances towards muslims; Muslims towards Hindus; Sikhs towards Hindus; and everything in between.

The cycle of hatred does not stop. And for a more productive future we need to cut the cycle.

We need to start afresh. Make 2003 as the first year. Just think like you have never met hindus, muslims, christians before and this is the first time. That should hopefully solve the problem.

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I do not agree with the opinion that we need to forget about the attack of 1984. By remembering the attack we are not stirring up hate against Hindus.

Instead we are remembering the sacrifices of all of the great Gursikhs who gave their lives to protect their religion and the Panth. We cannot just eliminate that chapter from our Panth's history, that would be a great injustice to every single man, woman, and child who became a shaheed.

In our Ardas we remember the sacrifices of many Gursikhs and we hear kathas of the sacrifices Sikhs had to make. This is done out of respect to those beloved Gursikhs and to make us realize what those Guru pyares had to go through so that we could have the freedom to follow our religion today.

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i 100% agree with gurmukh paji

indian - there is no one here swearing at hindus - people who do visit this site aint the idiots who u see on other boards who use religion as a way to attack others

the attack on shri harmandar sahib was one of the most awful trajedies in sikhi that i can think of - no one should ever forget this event ever - people were slaughtered just because they were sikh - because the indian govt. wanted one man - they murdered thousands of gursikhs who just went there to do their darshan - no one should ever forget how the army put bullets into our shri guru granth sahib - if u go there and u see those bullets urself - trust me that is one image that will stay in ur mind forever :cry:

forgettin their sacrifices is like forgettin shri guru gobind singh ji sacrificing his sons - shri teg bahadur ji givin up his head etc

the same way we remember all the sacrifices by people (not just gurus) in our ardas is the same way we should remember the sikhs who died on that day :cry:

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we need to remember because the injustice still goes on today.

i am going to use a harsh term but i think its completely appropriate.

quite literally, sikhs in punjab are being pimped by the indian govt. there is no hiding of this. if we forget and pretend everything in punjab is fine then it will disintergrate. there are problems that need to be solved. people like yogi bhajan are sending lots of white sikhs to india to preach sikhi and help sikhi get back on its feet. we should follow his example and help.

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"Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it"

You should not forget the attack on the Temple because the above statement applies forever. But there are Sikh websites that stay clear of these kinds of issues and just stick to the teachings of Sikhism. There are Hindu websites that stay clear of the issue of Islam.

But I am of the firm belief that politics and religion should not mix especially in Indian communities across the world. As you and I both know this conflict has an Hindu-Sikh flavour to it. And I dont like seeing fellow Indian religions fight amongst each other. It plays into the hands of certain people.

But I doubt that the attack against the Temple was just a hunt for one man, if it was then the Indian Army would'nt have taken so much casulties. I doubt that one man could have caused so much casulties amongst the Indian Army.

Both sides have gripes, either both sides should be able to explain their side with equal time or the issue should be put on the backburner.

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Guest BikramjitSingh


I wonder if you have the same advice for the Indian govt about Jallianwala Bagh.

They remember an event of 90 years ago but you want us to forget something that happened just 20 years ago.

I don't know what age you were in 1984 but many Sikhs can remember it as if it was yesterday. All those Sikhs can tell you where they were and what they were doing when the first heard about the attack. In a sense it was the Sikhs 9/11, I could well understanding the feelings that the American people went through on 9/11 as I and millions of other Sikhs went through the same feelings 17 years previously.

Will you now go and tell the indians visiting Jallianwala Bagh that they should put that event ' on the backburner' because it brings up old hatreds against the British. Perhaps you would like to go and suggest that they fill in the bullet holes as well.

It was a defining moment for many Sikhs and many still regard their lives before 1984 as distinct to that after 194

Nations around the world would be proud to have even 10 % of the history of the Sikhs and you are telling us that we should forget about it.


Bikramjit Singh

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:( its a Pity that after so many years of existense in India sikhs are still ridiculed at. apart from punjab any state you go ,still people see us as strangers they make fun of us by telling those sarcastic jokes. These hindus they are not capable of anything , hadn't Guru gobind singh ji founded khalsa panth each one of person living in India would have been following muslim faiththanks to Aurengzeb. Whereever I have went in India I have never seen a sikh beggar in my life , Guru Gobind singh Ji has put this spirit in us never give up ! Never!. You go to a Hindu holy shrine its all swarming with beggars and hopeless people.

My blood boils when I see sikhs being ridiculed at in Hindi movies, where are our religious leaders? why don't they make any noise

I still can't forget 1984 my family happened to be living outside punjab at that time I saw first hand what the whole thing was all about.

Not to mention the contribution of sikhs in India's defence forces!

countless people have fought and died for India.

After all this also we are regarded as seperate and regularly made fun of

I did whole of my schooling outside punjab and believe me I have got in fights with many people who used to make fun of my attire .

Its time for sikhs to stand up and say in one voice that we will not stand this anymore and demand being treated respectfully!

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Indian... When 250,000 of your innocent brothers and sisters are brutally raped and slaughtered like meaningless and useless animals, you can't "forgive and forget and start afresh in the year 2003!!!!"

You make it sound like some game, well if you ask me, injustice isn't a game.. Even when someone mentions Operation Blue Star i can practically hear the gun shots, the screaming, the riots, the torture, the rape, and it all happend for what reason?

What good came out of it... what did the Indian govt' get out of all of their disgusting and racist pursuits.. Sure they may have killed thousands of our brave Sikh youth but they didn't get the rest of the Sikh youth, the generation that's growing now, all around the world... And they tried so hard to break our spirit but maybe now they've realized they had impossible goals.. They can dream on about breaking the Sikh spirit but it will never happen anyway..

you see, they never wanted us to make it anyway... everything that belonged to us already, we had to fight for... all i know is that in the end, truth will prevail..

lest we forget the wounds of 84..

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wjkk, wjkf

we definitely have to remember the victims of 84 ~ does n e 1 kno if there is some sort of memorial set up for those who were victims? or if there's an actual published account of number of deaths, etc...??

every1 knows that 6million++ jews/others died in the holocaust - can we get a number on the 1984 massacre?



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