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Do You Guys Feel Your Internal State Changing With Change In Weather?


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As I live in Toronto, its starting to get cold again. I feel as if the autumn/winter is already here. I already know that weather does affect you.

But do you guys also feel any change in your meditative state? Do your meditations get better during winters or summers or stay the same throughout?

When the days are gloomy and its quite outside , a feeling of nostalgia and sadness pops up from somewhere, a reminder about the illusionary nature of this world,

share your thoughts , if you get any similar ideas ;)

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In retrospect, I have probably had my more deeper meditative experiences in the autumn/winters.

However, this summer has been a little different and I've been making the most of it.

We have been going to the beaches around Vancouver about 3 times a week and after playing beach games with kids and family, I have very much enjoyed just sunbathing like a gora! B) !!

Whilst getting this bronzing on my skin, I have gone in quite deep meditations with waheguru simran and with the wonderful sun beaming different shades of bright reds through my closed eye-lids.

I very much enjoyed going deep, eliminating any surrounding noise and just listening to the waves that would be doing Waheguru simran jap along with me.

Another little meditative activity I started doing for the first time was 'Sun gazing'. (I know it doesn't sound very sikh like!)

I have done this whenever I can, whether in the garden or elsewhere at sunset time.

I must say that I do feel some kind of sun energy/healing boost when doing this, even though I have tailored my own version using slow paced 'Saas Saas' simran.

Therefore, I am definitely going to miss these activities when the summer is over, so I am hoping to extend and prolong the summer as far as possible.

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The sun gazing reminds me about something. I lived on a carribbean island for 2 years. So watching the sunset was often a beautiful experience. I would go out for a walk , find a rock to sit on, and coordinate my rehraas sahib with the sung going down. It was beautiful experience when I think about it. The beauty of the sky, the sun, chirping of birds and moist air added to the experience. And I loved the symbolism of the sunset too.

I tried to meditate with the waves of ocean, the sounds and wavy nature. But that often gave me nausea , sea sickness, so didnt have much success with that.

Another element that I used at some points was the full moon. I imagined my body receiving the moonrays at night, cooling experience. Witnessing a moonrise/moonset in ocean is a beautiful element in itself. Also, the full moon reminds me of Poranmashi, the avtar of Guru Nanak Ji.

Its amazing when we can use elements of nature into our practice.

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Being in the navy I found there is nothing like the sound of the waves and sunrise at sea (you can see like 20 nautical miles) I have used it to my advantage many times meditating on the quarter deck (that's the back or after end for non navy types).

You are in Toronto Ragmaala Ji? I'm in Halifax. You should come here next samagam we have here! I almost went to the AKJ samagam Canada Day weekend in Toronto. (Needed to save my vacation days tho for India trip. I leave next Thursday 28th)

Edit: I can't type on an ipad lol

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I think so because thats one of the reason - guru maharaj wrote revolutionary matrix/metaphysics/spiritual gnosis/feeling in gurbani - bara maha composition right?

yeh spot on !

I never paid attention to how the bani mentions the tests of duality being prevalent in month of katak(mid Oct-mid Nov)

Anyway, I've been listening to Bhai Gurpreet Singh(Shimla), shabad from ''bara maha'' like crazy for the last couple of weeks. ... I keep repeating it several times in one listening........I've become an even bigger fan of Bhai Gurpreet ji !!

Below is an mp3 link for this ...''Kirat Karam key Vicharey-ang 133"


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I find the cold helps one to go deeper within oneself. Maybe because in winter the external seems so much more enticing?

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