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The practice has its roots in bhog lagana ceremony earlier followed in Mandirs and Thakurdwaaras.

Kala Afghaana mentions it in the first volume of his book (I have gone thorugh the book and it is well written, with nothing aginst Gurbaani..as most people make it out to be) along with a number of karam kaands.

I think you ought to read the same.

Perhaps it would be best to ask for permission from the guruji during ardaas (for parwaangi) of the food offering vi.s langar or parshaad.

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Yeah I have read Kala Afgana too (Maas Maas kar Moorakh Jhagdae... a must read)... He is simply cool without being biased. He speaks the laguage of Truth and thatz why he is a Tankhaiyaas in Sikh Religion. God bless such Takhaiyaas. :shock:

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