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Start having cod liver oil capsules it will work well also do light massage of mustard oil without applying strong pressure..after massage tie turkish towel to your feet and pour hot water...should be really hot...the turkish towel will protect your skin from burning ..

what i feel is it is beginning of stiffening which may lead to arthritis.

I think my joint bones are getting lose. I feel so when I take a walk, or do rigorous exercises. My son asked me to wear one of those sock kind of wraps but it made no difference.

Is there a way to oversome this situation?

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If there is much pain ,stiffness nd difficulty in moving ,then it may lead to arthritis. If beside pain,there is fever,redness or swelling ,then it may be joint infection.So need to cure it with antibiotics too.

I recommend to check your uric acid level too.

Drink atleast 2 litres of water a day. Eat fruits.Avoid mushroom,cauliflower.

Hardeep kaur ji if u r older than 45 yrs,then do consult a doctor,as arthritis is common in this age group

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Guest singh

the rind of watermelons is rich in calcium. can juice it after drying in a strong blender. Or can dry, crush, and mix it with warm water. good for kidneys too. 

greens are great for calcium, like spinach etc.

cha / coffee is acidic, weakens bones. 

weight bearing exercise is super important as you age b/c it helps maintain bone density. 

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