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Uk Elections? Who You Guys Voting?


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Regarding the sikhs , sikhnetwork group of professional individuals with over 1000 members have devised The Sikh Manifesto , the concerns / areas each party should be queried and asked what they will do for the sikhs , more details available on


facebook thesikhnetwork

The agenda is

1. More Effective representation in parliament

2. Separate Ethnic monitoring of sikhs

3/ Statutory code of practice on the 5 ks and sikh turban

4.Action against perpetrators of grooming and forced conversions

5.Network of state funded sikh ethos schools

6.Monument in London to highlight sikh sacrifices in the first world war

7.Pressure on France to stop discrimination against turban wearing sikhs

8.independent public inquiry into uk government actions in the lead up to and after the 1984 sikh genocide

9.Un-led inquiry into the 1984 sikh genocide

10.Application of Self determination to the sikhs

More information should be available on the sikh network site as to each section listed above

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Exactly regarding khalistani out in west, what we really lack is khalistani with TRUTH AND INTEGRITY who actually walks the talk rather than so fake superficial and spew empty political rhetoric speeches finger more youths into their herd (line of thought). I refuse to listen to khalistani empty political rhetoric speech. My first question to them is show me your version rough draft of constitution first - if they don't have- I walk away from their non sense...They are just attached to the idea of khalistan but not really soldify khalistan vision.

I really respect this man-tibetan pm in exile in new york. You need someone like him spiritual and political-political/harward graudate as khalistani. I really liked tibetan model- they have this guy and dalai lama pure stragetic positioning as public spiritual his holinness to spread awareness/raise awareness campaign, win public opnion..our people instead of winning public opnion would rather fight among ourselves come in next news channel get their turbans off. Gorreh and everyone laugh at our holliganism:


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When the British prime minister Cameron went to the gurduwara these past few weeks there was a fight when he was there.. That's is a complete besti of punjabis.. The prime minister comes and y'all just fight in front of him lol... Until our community doesn't start to be more professional we will always be the laughed at bunch...

If there is a Khalistan then then it will be ruled by somebody exactly like badal... Our community is pretty corrupt so once they get in power they will get corrupt even if they were pure.. If the aam Adaami party guy gets into power in dehli he too would get corrupt despite the good intentions he had. Power makes a person corrupt.. Politics is something that makes a person corrupt.

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I'm not voting. Many people I know in London aren't voting.

I think quite a few of us are wary because we voted Tony Blair in, thinking he was liberal and progressive but that sneaky weasel turned out to be right wing and brought all manner of kusmaan to the UK by jumping into wars at the behest of Bush. At ground level, there is a lot of subtle discord in the UK along racial and religious lines.

I hope the SNP (the nationalist Scots) do well and use their power to curtail the right wing, conservative direction the UK if going in. I see more homeless people and beggars here than ever before - and they are indigenous white.

The gap between rich and poor has widened to levels not seen in a generation or two. The corporate world is dictating everything now and corruption is rife.

People complain the NHS (Free National health service) is falling apart and blame it on migration, but when you see the massive bonuses/wages upper management are paying themselves (who are all white middle class), it shows you where the money is really going.

It also transpires that the established parties have been covering up pedophilia for decades too. Corrupt and useless - the bunch of them.

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