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What To Think Of While Chanting Waheguru.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa..Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

What should one think of while doing Simran of Waheguru ? Like while doing Nitnem or Gurbani Path,I concertrate on what the Holy line is saying and what's the meaning.But God Is Formless and Maya attracts you while doing Naam Jap.So Sangat ji please tell your views on what you think or concertrate while doing simran of Waheguru Ji.

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For a lame person like me, it is almost impossible not to think of anything. So, instead of battling with the mind, put the mind to some different positive thing.

There are couple of ways to do it:

  1. As Sat1176 has already mentioned that "Just make the mind listen to what is being said.....".
  2. If you happen to do Path from Gutaka, then glance on the Sehari, Bihari, Ukar, Dolankar etc. on each and every word. In other words, your mind will be absorbed in the noticing the Matras in the Gurbani.
  3. If you happen to do Path from Gutaka, then visualize that you're sitting in front of your Guru.
  4. When you happen to do the mental jap or reciting with Sound; i.e not reading from Gutaka, then the best is as Gurbani states: "Gur Ki Murat Man Mein Dhayan.....". It is the most potent/powerful.

Usually, 1, 2, 3 are for the starters and then 4th one is for advanced.


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