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Sikhawareness Simran Sessions

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I was wondering if we can have joint simran sessions maybe fortnightly or monthly which if successful can get weekly too...we have N30 bhaa ji , Sat bhaa ji and some others who are experienced...we can decide on how much time each one can give..this will benefit all of us ..help us become true shishyas...Please share your thoughts on this ..


Siri Akaal Sahaai

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I think it's a great idea.But the distance that's between the sangat makes it little bit difficult.

I think if we can use this forum as our attendance sheet ,then it may be a better option.I think we can fix days ,then we can fix the time like 2am to 4 am(acc to our own locations),then we can do simran ourselves.Then we can put our entry here like yes I did it.I had these queries.These questions were there.I experienced this or that.I faced these difficulities.How I spent these very hours.So I think then we can have a very significant discussion.In this way ,we will be much oriented towards our goal.This will create a very inspirational environment.Little bit competitive too.Means we will feel like I gotta do this .

We can fix schedule and further plans.

Gur fateh!! 

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