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Why some Brahmgyani mahatma use Rosary

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru  ji ki fateh

I have seen in photographs of many high avastha saints holding a rosary for simran. Sant Ishar Singh Rara sahib, Sant Kishan Singh Rara sahib, and many others.

Although Sant ji used to say Rosary is needed in initial stages of simran, a part of our mind is diverted to play rosary beads and the second part is then becomes more easy to focus on naam. I have no doubts regarding the avsatha of these sadhoos. This is however, still a question that when there are no further stages left after their enlightenment, why they still used rosary? May be they wanted to remind us about simran, or possibly some other reasons?

I feel more good without rosary, otherwise a part of my mind keeps doing math regarding how many beads are left to complete the cirle, or sometimes I get into confusion that may be I missed one bead as a result of which I reverse one bead and do it again. Rosary doesn’t let me do my full but all these brahmgiany sadhoos use it, there might be some secret benefits.




Sant Ishar Singh ji Rara sahib, Rosary 76A64064-0C92-4E68-905E-11363388B47A.jpeg



Sant Nand Singh ji Klera Nanaksar, Rosary E3BB625B-1F7E-4B97-A89B-6757E6009DE0.thumb.jpeg.dc229d8eedfbf16376abc96cc990473c.jpeg





Sant Kishan Singh Ji Rara sahib, Rosary D0E6F343-2F3E-4548-A052-A98C5224B899.jpeg




Mahant Krishan Dass ji Kashmir, Rosary C3C5790B-C3F9-40EA-A1E7-138C85AE9704.jpeg




Sant Ajit Singh ji Hansali Wale, Rosary A6191978-59F8-4D13-823D-DA79ABBC2F0E.jpeg

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On 10/16/2017 at 4:51 AM, Sat1176 said:

It's actually quite a good question. I think it's more to remind us when we see such photos. You would think their avasta has transcended above the need to use such tools. 


That too, but also to stay attached with body/mind purposely as per hakum as at the bhramgyan-turiya atith stage, body falls away without any anchoring or desire/purpose.

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