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Cause of Unsteady Mind During Meditation

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On 10/11/2017 at 4:27 PM, Lucky said:

Good idea. Yes please


On 10/11/2017 at 9:57 AM, Guest Someguy said:

Can you translate the video of sant kartar singh ji to english. The voice is very unclear I cant even hear one word.

Ok sangats hukam is Waheguru's hukam.

I will try my best as i have never done this before. So bhul chuk muf for any mistake.

Baba Ji starts with the mind is chanchal it doesn't stay still. It flys like a bird in all four directions. It can't even fly but it tries. 


The mind roop bird has many thoughts desires wings, which by bhagati sword or thought sword can cut it. Then it will connect. Then it will be still still and by bhagati sword it will cut the desires wings.


I will add more from 1:00 onwards as Sant Ji's bachans are hard to translate into english

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1:10 onwards Baba ji says some the mind doesn't stay stable what to do ? Mind controling a hard task. Once a little bird got out of its nest then saw a baaj bird and got scarred running  Then it went dark the bird forgetten about his/her nest. The mind became so afriad that moment that the bird forget the nest. When came out of the hiding the animal ate the bird. 


Sant ji then explains Our body heart is a nest where our attention is all gone out is bumping into things stuck in thoughts like desires, hate etc. The mind that is full of these is never in anand bliss. 

On 2;50 onwards Baba Jis punjabi is very very good but i can't explain this in english .


Baba ji's explains but if we work hard then we will find oneness. On the first day it won't find stillness the thoughts nor do we know what the person has spoken like the kirtains but can't understand but since its your first day you have spent 10/20/25/30 years been struggling lodging outside that the thoughts desires have been eating you since then. That you finally come here how do you expect your mind to remain stable ? Be patient like for 4/5 days a week then slowly your mind will be stable. Some we don't get anand bliss. Its only Guru's kirpa grace when the mind remains stable.


This was very hard to write it in english but if someone can correct this properly i will be grateful. Its very hard to translate punjabi into english. I do try to make sense of it when listening. 

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