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Whats your new year's resolution?


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It should be remembered that new years resolutions work better if you renew your commitment to your resolution every day of that year.  The first day is just like any other day. It is not a magical day whereby you will get everything you want without putting in the effort.  Every new years day we resolve to be better.  The question should also be did you achieve your last year's resolution?  I am sure no one even remembers what it was.  It did not get written down so we don't quite know what it was! !!!

So what about the other years? Did you achieve your new years resolution? Renew and review it everyday not just the one day that is the start of the year.

Every day for me is like a new years day because I will take some time to think about yesterday and try to put right today what I think was wrong with me yesterday.  I try to repeat what I think I did right yesterday st that it can become a habit. 

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