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Any Sikh psychologist here on this forum?


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Just wondering if there any sikh psychologist on this forum, if so,  tell us about your experience being psychologist- what are some of cases and crisis situations you have to deal with in daily life? what are common issues people have?

How do you incorporate sikhi teaching into your daily profession?

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Brilliant topic. I would like to hear more about this. It's one area the Punjabi and Sikh community needs to work on - the stigma around mental health.

What would be the Sikh view on Fruedian psychology?

It would even be great to look at statistics from the Sikh Helpline for example, so we know what areas we need to target. Do you have anything like that in Canada/US?

I'm a psychologist, but a desi one.


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Excellent topic.

Daas is very interested in Psychology/Psychiatry. It might be too late to become a Psychiatrist now (as Daas is 30+), but it is still possible to become a Psychologist/Hypnotist/Psychotherapist.

Hopefully, someone can provide some insights into this profession.

Divorce rates have increased in our community (Canadian Sikh). We seriously need to look at this situation and do something about it. IMHO, it is possible to save many couples from divorce using Psychology and Gurmat. We also need to fight against this stigma associated with mental disorders.


Bhul chuk maaf

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This is interesting post from western sage- Robert Adams:


In the Western psychology, we're told that you never give up. We are taught to keep on fighting. But I'm telling you there is nothing to fight, and the only thing you're giving up is your ego. Western psychology has never gone beyond this. Therefore they do not know of life beyond this. Western psychology works in the presumption that you are a body and a mind, so naturally they tell you never give up, fight to the end. Stick up for your rights. But in the highest teachings of the truth we learn that you have no rights.

You're giving up your body,

your ego,

your mind,

and when this happens, you go beyond psychology. [!]

Something happens that psychiatry, psychology are not aware of whatsoever. And that is you rise to a higher dimension, where there is


and peace,

and compassion,

and love, joy, that is naturally yours.

You begin to feel these things instead of the things you felt before.

Prior to this, when you were fighting life, when you were sticking up for your rights, when you were trying to get even, when you were working as an ego, you were never able to feel happiness or joy or peace. Only sometimes, when you won, when you got your point across, when you won an argument, when you won a fight, when you sued someone and won, you felt happy for a while, but it didn't last long, and you have to go through it again and again. But this is as far as the world goes. It doesn't know anything else but this.

What I'm saying to you, let go of everything. Do not hold on.

Stand naked before God,

without any crutches, without anything to hold on to. [!]

When you can do this, from this moment on you will begin to rise. And you will become aware that

you are not the body,

or the mind,

or the world,

or the universe,

but you are effortless choiceless pure awareness.

You are boundless space, infinite like the sky.

You have become everything, and everything has become you.



-- Robert Adams, T155: This Is Your Dharma

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Psychology topic itself is very fascinating, if you do some deep study on it, you be astonished to come across - deep layers of mind and ego of human, how complex they are, how many zillions of defense mechanism humans use to cope for ego survival- to stand on always, how ego feels threatened, how ego always require sense of security, cause to represent, how it thrives on conflict and division, how conditioning forms. One can also get deep understanding on various religious groups, people, movements, social media groups, spiritual materialism etc etc

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