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Cognitive Warfare


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On 2/27/2022 at 4:00 AM, paapiman said:


Cut to 2039, and autopsies conducted on Chinese soldiers killed in skirmishes with US and Australian troops over Beijing’s Silk Road initiative in Zambia find that the deceased are not only equipped with “brain monitoring and brain stimulation” technology in their helmets, but they themselves are in fact “supra-human,” the product of gene-editing in a lab, which has imbued them with superior muscles, night-vision, and “resistance to sleep deprivation, thirst, extreme heat and humidity.”


[1] - NATO’s fantasy ‘cognitive warfare’ strategies expose its ongoing assault on the public mind — RT Op-ed


Bhul chuk maaf

Possibly. Would be countries other than Chinese also I think

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On 2/26/2022 at 8:01 PM, paapiman said:

@GurjantGnostic @dalsingh101 @HSD @Premi


Bhul chuk maaf

Really a lot of threads in that article, from cognitive warfare as in controlling thinking, to augmenting humans, to engineering humans and the brain, to tailored biological weapons, which we may have seen for the last several years. I think @Premi is right, we're gonna catch everyone with their hands in those jars, and it's a load of bad ideas. 

it is far faster and requires less discipline than creating super soldiers the Sikh way. We need to cultivate our natural gifts as far as they go, and be aware that not only are we very outbumbered, but the investment it takes to create a Sant Sipahi is way beyond conventional training. 

We should be versed in but not reliant on technology. And we should not alter ourselves except through Bhagti. 

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