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Christian conversion? Any Punjabis actually care?

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Christians are effecively using Sikh concepts to convert Sikhs to Christianity. 

Tldr blunt version, I'm fine with that, if nobody in Punjab wants a sincere discussion on thwarting it using Gurmat, Seva and the Bible. 

Anyone in india, who speaks english, sincerely interested in thwarting conversion and making allies of existing Christians. Please reach out and we do a voice room on clubhouse or google. 

Or let them keep converting. I'm cool with it. But there's info trying to get out rattling in my pockets. 

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Actually met my first ever (open) convert the other week on a building site. He was my labourer and he was from a jut (or as they like to self-aggrandise it, a 'zamindaar' background).

He actually converted here, with his wife and daughter. The guy was a nice guy, I'm not saying anything bad about him. But it was weird, especially seeing him with a khanda tattoo and whatnot. What's ironic is that he was telling me about racist bullying from Irish bods in the previous site he worked at. I think the irony of him being bullied by his own fellow xtian brothers over race was lost on him.  I asked him if he was unhappy in Sikhi and he said no, and that he was previously known as a kuttarh. He just said that Rabh has put him where he wanted. Simples. He said his parents back home were cool about it. 

Then I went to another site with loads of desi apnay, and briefly mentioned this - they didn't seem concerned. They've probably come across a lot more of it than me so are used to it I guess? 


Those days of seeing a khanda tattoo and being able to safely assume the persons affiliation are gone.   


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