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why can't a person MUTHA TEK when they've EATEN MEAT?

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This is something that has really puzzled me.

Countless times I have seen people get ready (ie make up their mind) to go to the Gurdwara and mutha tek but then they stand stock still for 1 minute and whack their forehead and say "oh my God, I can't go..I ate meat today!!!"

Even on Gurpurbs I've seen people do this.

Now, I always thought that how can it be that if God is in all of us, and so obviously that God is still in the person thats eaten meat, what difference does it make that the person eats meat and mutha teks at their Gurus feet on the same day?

i get really frustrated especially with family members because I feel they are missing out and also unnecessarily keeping themselves away from their Guru and sangat and putting Guru Jee down (by associating him with these sorts of rules)

Why do people do this? It seems wrong, but maybe there is a valid reason I don't know about.

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I've asked people why they feel like they cant go to the gurdwara once they've eaten meat and the main response is that its become a type of ritual, like not eating meat on one day...when someone has been told again and again that they can't do something eventually it takes an effect.

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