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Machiwaray Da Jungle


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the image was created using microsoft dumbass 2004... it first scans the person who wishes to view the image & if their intelligence is below a certain threshold (known as the dumbass marker) the image does not show up.

[nb there have been some complaints that microsoft set the dumbass marker too low, as 97.8% of chimpanzees could see the images!!! :P]

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Guys, Due to the Content of sikhionline.com, The website exceeds the maximum bandwidth allowed near the end of each month, so it has to be taken offline.

Otherwise the webhost can remove the website and cancel the hosting :(

Daljeet singh, adds hundreds of pics each month and presentaions as well. Some of these presentations are like 80 mb+ so when people start downloading, the website quickly overuses the bandwidth,

So be paitent it will be back next month :D

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