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Blue/Orange Flag?

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Ok this thread got me thinking,


If the RSS are using a saffron(orange) flag, should sikhs not begin to use their original BLUE nishan sahibs(sikh flags) to remain distinct?

I have seen a few old pictures such as, one the Jaito Morcha with Singh's holding Neela(blue) nishan sahibs

Does anyone have any more information on the origins of the colour change from blue to orange?

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we are distinct as we are, wether the flags be purple oragne blue pink, if everytime the RSS adopt something sikhi claims to own then the easiest way for them to get rid of sikhi is too start wearing dastars, and kashere,

Then to remain distinct I guess we should all drop our kegs..

You might think i'm being over the top, but look at what happened to the Arti, Sri Guru Dasam granth practice of Havaan, etc etc etc

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try white flags.. im sure somewhere in history the flags were white, those places run by udhasis would probably had white or red, or was it the nirmala akharas which had white ? cant remember sorry..

There is that old drawing of Harminder Sahib with the White and Red flag, Udasi i think..

i like the idea of havin white flags. isn't that what they use to represent peace?

Or surrender....

I like blue. but as db said, blue is reserved for those places run by the nihangs.

blue is reserved for those places run by the nihangs

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