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the weirdest sikhi question you have...


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hey hey hey!

well i am curious.... and just wondering what kind of questions about sikhi have you have been questioned about? i am talking about the weirdest, most unusual, unexpected questions .....and how exactly did you reply to it? Or do you have a weird question about sikhi? kind of funny that im questioning you for a question... i hope there is no question about it and you will just answer my question! lol

--keep on smiling

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question by a non-Sikh: if you guys are monotheistic, then how come you have 10 gods?
Muslims have 124,000 prophets which include Abraham, Moses, Jesus, are those gods? Christians believe in Jesus and loads of other saints, are they all gods? ( that shud've been ur response question! :wink: )
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"Yes, the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa are the original Singh Khalsa and don't you forget it."

Not too sure about the "original" part, but yes they are Amritdharis alright.

Christians believe in Jesus and loads of other saints, are they all gods?

actually, Christians do beleive in Jesus as "God".

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i just asked that question out of curiousity b/c i get asked sometimes really weird questions and they are often vert IGNORANT... so i was curious about my fellow sikh people if they have experianced it! i just want to ask something that PEOPLE don't usually ask... question about questions! b/c this really tells us as sikhs.. are we sending out a strong message... or are we still hidden? i dunno it may seem really funny but im just glad they ask questions about our faith....instead of not asking!


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The one that sticks out most in my mind is when people see pictures of the 10 Guru's and ask if those are our 'Gods'. Also some people always seem to think that all turbaned people are related (eg asking is that your father, uncle, brother etc).

I used to get that alot actually when i was a kid. Id be out with another Punjabi friend who looks nothing like me but you'd still get some dork asking out of no where "are you two brothers?"...

Must be some kind of joke white people used to have among themselves...

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