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baba jawala singh and his love for jor melay


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Jawala singh harkowahal again……

Pyaree saadh sangat ji, gajkay fateh balao….waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

Here is another interesting story. Just to make myself clear. I haven’t jumped on any bandwagon. My intention is to demonstrate the toleration that saint/mahapurkh/brahmgyani...have for others. I am of the firm belief that the only way we will know something is false is when we know what is true….

Here we go,

Baba jawala singh ji used to do an akhand paat with puratan maryada (discussed in the next post…but for starters….) did it with an akhand japji sahib, kumb (ghara/gharvee with water), naryal (coconut), cow ghee for ‘jot’.

As per baba jawala singh ji’s own conviction and love, he would attend jor-melay at any pavitar asthaan… auspicious occasions include the following.

1) holla mahala- anandpur sahib

2) divali-darbar sahib, amritsar

3) vaisaakhi- damdama sahib, talwandi sabo

4) chet/massya at tarn taaran

He would hold langar for the 48 hours or 16 pahers….. He would also give “rast/bast†of 1 day to the following nihang dals:

1) Buddha dal (96 crore…)

2) Tarna dal

3) Tarna dal-harian vela

4) Biddhi chand (baba sohan singh ji’s)

This practice occurs till today

in 1946, baba jawala singh attended dussehera at chamkaur sahib at gharea sahib gurdwara. He followed his usual maryada of langar and when the akhand paat ended, a premi give maharaja (satguru sri guru granth sahib ji/ sri aad guru darbar <whatever your preferred appellation>). The premi, out of sharda, then gave baba jawala singh a maala and put it around his neck. One nihang, by the name of hira singh nihang (sevadar of jathedar mangal singh <shaheedi baagh> ) got angry and started cussing baba jawala singh harkowalay. He kept cussing, and he kept getting smiles and laughter from the jawala singh in return… baba jawala singh kept remembering a few tuk’s one being

“thaisa maan, thaisaa abhimaan†(excuse the spelling, guru ji maaf karray; my notes are rough)

Well nihang hira singh departed to shaheedi gurdwara (I’ll get the location if anyone in the cyber sangat is interested). Baba jawala singh ji went to anandpur sahib and was summoned to shaheedi gurdwara by a sevak because nihang hira singh got sick upon arrival. He had a temperature of 105-106 for 6 days. Baba jawala singh ji went to the gurdwara promptly…upon seeing nihang hira singh he said:

“quickly prepare shaheedi deghâ€â€¦the singh who prepared it recited 5 bania da paat. (the term “sukha†has been used in the text and it is said “singh, shaheedi ‘sukhay’…â€

Ardaas was done on the shaheedi degh with “shaana†(don’t know what that is).. it was then given to nihang hira singh by jawal singh harkowahal wallay. Everyone noticed that as each gulp of degh was taken, his temperature decreased. Hira singh saw jawala singh as he became more awake and conscience…he thanked him with a lot of sharda/nimrata. Jawala singh gave him 2 kilo’s of badaam and said heera singh roz-mara ruggra (sukha) laya karo. He also advised him to “shak†the badaam rogan

Sat sri akaal

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