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Which Sangat Inspires You The Most??


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Well I feel the sangat of the books I have is great. The stories of Nanaksar, Taksal, Rara Sahib etc, etc there life stories. They have been a real source of inspiration in my life and have showed me the "tricks of the trades" i.e what devotion really is.

I also enjoy these open forums where you can express yourself confidentialy.

I really never feel at home when there is alote of people at the gurdwara, I like to go and do keertan when there is like two or three people only. I really enjoy most of all having been giving the opportunity to do the seva of Guru jee at home. I also consider that sangat and seva all at once.

I think we need to understand that when the saroops come to our homes, Guru jee is saying look sit down I am coming to you: do seva daily and this will change your avastha, I am doing you a favout by coming. What do you guys think???

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i like n30, so funny, even tho he be a canadian

oh my gosh sodhi you remind me of the guy in snatch as i told you...lol... your face just put smile on my face... propa rude boy... you go my man! :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: ... cheers :wink:

alright.. shhhhhhhh stick to the topic :twisted: :twisted:

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i'm cool when i've got open-minded ppl who won't attack me for sayin whatever is on my mind. but then again, i couldn't care less what ppl think about what i say, hence my saying whatever i feel wherever i go...

so... i guess i'm at home everwhere...


i think that i'm most uncomfy goin to the gurudwarey when everyone's decked out an ish... can't quite eskplain it, so i'll just leave it at that.

oh... and vlakum to kanaida, sikh_fauge. dun let neo and his oddness scare u away... yet... muahahahahaa!


back to the topic...

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Quick points..

*n30 thinks hanuman is pronounced hanumoon

*i met a nihang singh who loves saying "oh yeeeeeeeees" and "beuuutifal"

*i met two singhz from the uk (one of which was at the chigwell camp; small world init!)

*im addicted to tim hortons

*n3o passed his disease onto me (the caressing was most likely the cause)

*canadians love saying "awwwwesum"

*its taksal not takshal

god bless the maple leaf


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I feel that everyone has their own ideology of the manifestation where they feel more at home and close to Sikhi. My True home would be wherever god makes it to be. I think in reality my home would India evn though I live in Canada. I think that North America is going to become fercious in the future. When worst comes to worst, I think I will be safe in a place where great sages and our gurus lived.

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