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how can you improve yourself if you dont know what mistakes you made?

you will know what mistakes you made when the same type of problems keep popping up over and over again in your life, this means you have not learned your lesson.


We all ask at some point during our physical existence, "Why are we here?" And of course, we all have opinions on why we are, and here is mine.

Life in the physical does many things. It teaches us lessons that are necessary for our pursuit towards soul perfection. Through repeated trials and tribulations it teaches us compassion, tolerance and most important of all, love.

I do not believe in mistakes. I think mistakes are only opportunities for us to see growth in the form of lessons. Often, we manifest situations over and over until we learn the lesson. People may pick the wrong mate over and over, get fired repeatedly for the same behavioral problems, manifest sickness due to inner issues, but these are all opportunities for soul growth. In my own life, I noticed that a situation repeated itself until I learned the lesson that was hidden behind it; then magically, it disappeared, never to return again.

Not only will lessons repeat themselves, but just when you think you have it licked, it will morph into something else of which you won't recognize. This morphing will continue until it is thoroughly worked out on a soul level.

A good way to know if your lesson is complete, is if you are able to rise above it in your dreams. We are able to consciously control much of our issues, but when we are faced with them in dreams (fear for example) we may find that we indeed are not over it.

I remember having a conversation with a woman once about her "shallow playboy male friend." He had little feelings for others, broke women's hearts, and basically was "flaky". Then he suffered a great loss when his beloved sister died. She told me that she wouldn't wish this horrible thing on anyone, but afterwards he was since a changed man for the better. I asked her, "would you remove the lesson he learned?" His sister only died in the physical sense, but it was at a time that provided the most growth opportunity for the brother. What is viewed as "bad" is not bad, it is something beyond what most of us can comprehend. Our narrow views generally cannot perceive the global picture of what is intended.

We can also be here for a reason outside of learning. I've said before that there are "roles" for some of us. Guides, or healers for example. Some people come here with little karmic debt and are here for some other purpose. A physical guide may be needed in order to help steer someone back on track. Perhaps even helping someone on the verge of suicide or someone who has lost hope and is going backwards in their spiritual growth.

Life... the perfect learning ground.


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