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Why was this world created??


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WJKK WJKF Sadh Sangatji

I wish to ask is why was this world created by Wahe?? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem karan laaie... pyar doooooooooo , pyaaaaaaaaaaar looooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... pyaaaaaaaaaaaaar hii pyaaaaaaaaar.... :D:D

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When you're sleeping, why do you create your dreams?The dream world is a sub-reality, which we create.Dreams are a poor reality compared to this world we experience, but it is we who create these dream worlds.Something to ponder over, maybe.Or maybe I'm talking a crock of sh*t.Explore your self, explore your dreams.They (dreams) are born of you.And just maybe you may gain a tiny little understanding of the One and why It created.

Svayambhu (Saibhan)!!Bang there It is!!There I Am.

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hari good post.

i've thought about this and i've come up with my own set of reasons for us existing in this universe. I could tell you what they are but you probably wont believe me and it will sound a bit too abstract. What matters isnt what i believe - i might be wrong, and hari might be wrong too.

the point is to search for own explanation. I might suggest finding a good teacher to help you in your search - sri guru granth sahib is an excellent guide.

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hmmm... Hari tha's an interesting thing u say bout dreams. and i totally dun agree with it. which is prolly a first.

psychologists dunno why we have dreams either though. so mebbe i do agree with u... in a real roundabout way.

googlykaur, the universe is a vast thing. and we are but itty bitty lil parts of it. we haven't even seen how big the universe is or all of its wonders. how are we to understand it's purpose if we don't even understand it on its own?

but i'm sure we can speculate on ideas.

just make sure that u don't take one final idea and set it in stone as THE RIGHT ANSWER. nobody but God really know why the universe exists. and until u meet God, i dun think we could ever truly say that we most definitely know why the universe exists.

i hope u guys understand what i'm sayin...

keep comin with the ideas though. sexy singh, i'd like to hear ur theories...

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The world is an outward representation of what is inwards.. Look at you compared to the universe and then look at a cell in your body compared to your whole body.. Whats out is in whats in is out.. if the in exists the out exists and when the out exists the in exists.. and they shake it all about.. they do the hockey coky and turn around.. thats what its all about.. :)

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