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How well do you sleep


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  • 5 years later...

I know that this is an old topic but I have become increasingly annoyed with my sleep recently. There are three aspects of my sleep that I want to address:

1)I find it generally difficult to get to sleep (definitely more than everyone I know).

2)I sleep very deep so I find it difficult to get out of bed (in other words, I'm lazy!)

3)I want to cut down the amount of sleep I need to feel refreshed (currently 7 hours)

I know that there are a lot of lifestyle approaches, e.g. sleep hygiene rules, waking up at same time everyday, doing exercise, avoiding reading etc in bed, but I'm aware of those things already.

Can anyone suggest a Bani/Shabad that I can do to help me with these sleep issues? :D

Many thanks!

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My sleep is totally crazy, been insomniac since I was a kid.

Just get used to it.

Sometimes it's annoying, like when you haven't slept all night and decide to do morning prayers like that. It affects concentration.

When I was younger I would miss a nights sleep to tire myself out for the next night.

Sometimes I do find listening to this version of kirtan sohila helps:


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Here's a shabad for insomnia. The effects probably won't be immediate, do this shabad everyday as instructed, in like 2 weeks your insomnia will start to go away. maybe earlier.

look up the full shabad on sikhi to the max.

bilavel mahalla 5

rog giaia prabh aap gavaia, need paiea sukh sahaj ghar aiaia raho

Transliteration is a bit messed but you can probably find it. recite it every single night before bed at least 15 times. once it's memorized keep on reciting it until you get to sleep.

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Genereal sleep hints, though probs wont work too well if you have a medical issue:

-SOmethimes I use LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL to 'deepen' my sleep. I dap a few drops around my nose or face or on the pillow. I find it very effective. Also its very good for overall skin health, as well as medically.

- Try not to eat too much before bedtime. In the same vein don't do vigorous excercise in the evening. I find that after a tough session in the evenings I am 'buzzing' with all the endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine going round in my head and just cannot get to sleep for many hours.

However, yoga or simple stretching excercises do aid in sleep. I tried Astanga Yoga a few years ago and even after the first couple of session I found that I had the best night sleep in ages. Also recently I found that I had very stiff muscles in the morning, wouldn't have a good nights sleep and would take ages before I would be mentally and physically ready to go out for a run. I started doing a basic whole body stretching routine (this one: stretches.jpg ). After doing it for only two to three days it had a complete change in my body. I could literally jump out of bed and be ready to do any physical work without needing to ease my self into it. However, I didn't do your bog standard "hold for ten seconds" stuff. Each stretch must be held for 1 whole minute, with you pushing a bit further as you relax into it. Try it daily for about a week and feel the difference.

-Also dont stimulate the mind too much in the evenings/before bed.This includes things like watching TV, films; reading the newspaper/books or even doing things like heavy-duty Paath/simran! Take things easy, wind down mentally and physically.

- I sometimes listen to music by Krishna Das or Lorenna McKennit:


Or any easy listening, classical, soft kirtan will do.


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