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are we sikhs first or are we human first?


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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

there is a dichotomy in sikh thought these days which is paradoxical and although actions define who we are; the question is whether we are humans first or sikhs first....

This has come to mind because people who label theirselves and use affiliation to justify their identity or lack thereof; tend to limit their sphere of life's experiences to what is deemed 'appropriate' to their paradigm.

Sikhi, as presented to little kids is all about humanity and being good human beings....Sikhi, as preached to an older crowd has less to do with being a good human being and more a "panthic sikh"...which in itself becomes the definition of a "good sikh". I'd like to hear the sangat's views.. be critical, I don't take things offensively.

btw im moving this to the Questions & Answers Forum. If you want i can move it back, but i think it belongs there.

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We are neither. First we are what he is, then we are Human, then we become *insert Religious lable*.

A question was asked Baba Nanak by the Yogis, who he is. He replied, "Punj tat tha Putla, Nanak Rakhia Naam" So what is our identity. Is our Goal/Aim to be identified as a Religious follower? Be Part of an 'ism'

Baba Bullay Shah asks this question...."Key jana mai Kohun Bullia, Key jana mai Kohun".

"Chul vay Bulliah, Chul Othay Chullia, Jithay saaray UnNnay (blind)

Na koi sadee jaat pachanay, na koi sanu Munnay"

The Purpose of identity in relation to the world is only temporary. it is only used as a medium for us to communicate, live in this world. This identity changes from birth to birth.

I stuter everytime someone asks me what Religon am i. I do not know what answer should i give. I could easily turn and say im a Sikh and we'd be on our seperate way, but then i am left asking who am i? This Identity Crisis...Whos Identity are we talking about. When someone says, I am a Sikh. Who is speaking, Ego? Identity of this body? Identity of this Mind? Is our Mind Sikh, is our Body sikh? Is our Soul Sikh? Remove the Ego, then who is a Sikh? If no one is there to say I, then Sikh is also lost, and all that remains is He. So who/what is being identified when they say they are Sikh.

imo, Being a Sikh has nothing to do with any Sikhism, it has all to do with your Relationship between you and your Guru. when i say Guru, I mean that in which the Light of Eternal Guru (Giaan) resides. Be it that a Body or a Granth.

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In my opinion, I truly believe that we are human first before we can accept sikhi. Now, others may say well what about those that are born into a sikh family. My thoughts on that are well, take away the label for a second, what is born, not a "sikh" but a human being then comes the "sikhi" aspect of it. One has to be human before accepting a path.

Just my two cents..........

Bhul Chuk Maaf Karna......

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You walk with the human identity, This Identity becomes you base, then you place an identity of an 'ism' thru which you are to realize that you are identity-less.

You are not confined to travel thru these steps...but they are there.

Now thru the simple means of understanding that you are not that which had a beginning and will have an end. So Anything that had a beginning and will have an end is not you. Thru this knowledge one begins to shed the false identities he carries. Beginning with the Body, then his name and all those things that are associated with the Body, whether it be name, race, caste, sex, religion. After one has removed the false identites then he/she begins to seek the True Identity. That is when you seek to be more than a mere human.

I am not against having an identity, for it has its own purpose and it does a good job. But for one to not strive for the realization of his/her true identity is being deceived in the world he lives.

Neo posted a beautifull Shabad, Mun tu Joat Saroop Hai, Aapna Mool Pachaan. Guru is saying You are the Eternal Light, Seek (Know and Experience) your root (Identity).

Hope that answers your question.

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We are Human and Sikh because bring a Sikh means to learn. Like learning stuff like ABC or Ooraa Aaraa Eeree Sassa, Maths, Dharma, Life is a lesson too. External Khalsa roop is the untouched roop of a human being.

i agree, we are all learners just like how we started out. From cave men, etc. we started out learning our way through life, what to eat, how to eat it etc. We are learners.

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We are Neither..

Man Tu Jot Saroop Hai Apna Mool Painchaan ||

O Mind, you are the image of divine light, know your source/yourself

Also i think that as Sikhi connects us with Vaheguru then it allows us to respect humanity and understand what it is to be a human.

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We are human beings which are given the chance to be sampooran in our life. that is to met our originator. for this we have to be a sikh first i.e the person who is ready that he will be a true learner in his life.

So being a human it gives us the chance and being a sikh (we are lucky). well friends we have double luck with us . So let try our best to meet our Human's body goal.

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