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clarification of "sanatan kakkars"


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keep as many as u can. i doubt there are many who only keep treh murdeh instead of panj kakkar.

But whilst training in Shastar Vidiya esp. unarmed combat etc kara do get in the way and will cause injuries to the other bloke, so do get taken off. This is part of the maryada. In training the khanga falls out to occasionaly depending on how vigourous the training is and what type of turban you are wearing too.

kesh and kashera obviously dont come off and the kard isnt removed, alternatively if it is then another shastar will always remain, maybe smaller or on different part of body.

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Punj Kakkars are the same as Treh Mudra, read Amritpal Singh's comments on this forum (also available on his website www.amritworld.com) and stop labelling everything from old texts as "Sanatan" simply because certain terms have gone out of vogue doesn't push them into this UK Sanatan Sub-culture.

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again I'm getting jealous and annoyed!

why does everything have to be either "snatan", "tat", "puratan"????

I hereby solemnly declare that I am starting a new "label" (neo, cybersingh, and all the other people who come to tim hortons now follow....)

TIMMY maryada.

here is our answer to everything......

"shut up, sit down, think....WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEEE....and then go home and do more paat"

let me break this down for you all...

shut up: when you don't know anything and try to push that onto others...its best to shut up, before everyone else figures out you're stupid

sit down: when you are excited...sit down. Otherwise our final answer will make you sit down.

think:...this is a stretch for the majority, but hey! its positive prachar....realistically, use this advice to try and figure how that person in front of you is possibly sharing an experience that is wrapped in dogma and that you will only get the "Snatan" by looking at the "tat" of what they are saying.

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFEEE!!!!! (if you are getting upset over the internet and its pissing you off etc etc etc.....you aren't a sikh!, you're really a reject from society who is trying to find a place to fit in. The cyberworld is great because no one is accountable (not with our standards)......and for those of you who have a sense of reality, ask yourselves...how many people are actually into sikhi?????? look at it, the average punjabi family born and bred "sikh" does not know much more than "cover your head" stand up, get prashad. and "We believe in one god"...but have "10 gods or gurus" (depending on how little or how much they care about what they say).

then...go home, go back to your house, be in grist..set the example for everyone by "trying" to give yourself to waheguru.....

and our best prachar...and this is a "unique" one; please do paat!

..."I'd like a large triple, triple"

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