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Dealing with criticism...


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got this in email. :)


jap man satnaam sada satnaam ||

we all face criticism in our lives, how we deal with it effects our spiritual progress.

Someone criticises you, most people react in the following ways

a) get offended and start criticising them back, shouting, even fighting

B) get offended and try and defend yourself by denying what they say

B) get offended, say nothing but feel the anger brewing up inside

d) become devastated, as you believe what they are saying is true

e) become devastated as even though what they say isnt true, but your upset they think badly about you

What I have leanrt from the satsangat is that when someone criticises you :

a) in your mind keep saying thankyou to them for pointing out your weaknesses. Listen carefully for any truth they maybe telling in between the lies.

B) stay silent and keep washing their feet in your mind, or even touch their feet

c) dont see them as your enemy, only your own ego and anger are the enemies.

d) keep listening to their words and if there words prick you, then that means you still have ego that gets offended. And if it makes your blood boil, that means anger is still strong in you.

e) listen to them as a service. Be like a counsellor letting them unwind all their stress and anger onto you. Keep thanking God by saying Satnaam, that this body was of use to someone so they could calm down.

f) if you do find yourself getting offended and angry, then right away shutup, apologise to the other person, touch their feet and go for a walk to cool down. In your mind apologise to God for being so full of anger and ego. Bhai Randheer Singh ji and his Sikhs used to discuss many topics. But they had a rule that no matter how good you were at arguing your point, if you got angry then YOU LOST. And would have to shutup and apologise right away. Becuase in bani winning and losing arguments is no big deal, but losing to EGO and ANGER and the other three thieves is VERY VERY SERIOUS.

Infact recently, when close people have been severley criticising me, it fills me with joy, even makes me laugh, like a father watching a child being silly. Keep asking them for more things to criticise, "what else do you not like?" Help them empty themselves out of all their criticism.

You can only react like that though when you are totally secure inside yourself. When you know what you are and that you are at peace with God and Guru. When you know that no matter what they say will not let bring your mind spiralling downwards.

So become secure inside yourself. Return love and compassion for the hate and anger of others.

There's a really good meditation, that I do instantly when I step outside and breathe the cool fresh air :

Breathe in and say "Satnaam ji, let me breathe in all the negativity of the world."

Breathe out and say, "Satnaam ji, and let me return love and compassion to everyone."

dust of your feet

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why does everyone think i'm smoking drugs??

my post was a general reply to n30's & my comment about a spliff was obviously a joke!... geez... u got a guilty conscience or what??

do you guys only listen to the devil these days (don't you think the devil would take a pretty convincing "khalsa" form)??

i am sworn to destroy the devil whatever the cost.

who's the devil?

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my post was a general reply to n30's & my comment about a spliff was obviously a joke!... geez... u got a guilty conscience or what??

who's the devil?

i'm afraid he's one of you. he claims to have no ego so that if anyone challenges him they are up against the khalsa panth: nihangs, akj, boss, you name it.

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