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Can i ask any one who can help...For the Sikh Holla Mohalla zip file.. i have downloaded... n find it so beautiful...so inspiring...

I want to, with Waheguru ji's kirpa, make a cd of the Sukha & Sodhi Singh Talk so i can distribute to family and friends. The problem is its 1hr30mins long and will not fit on 1 cd! I do not mind having it on 2 cds but dnt how to split the the katha/kirtan!

Sum1 said you burn as a compresssed file..but i dnt know how to....

So i ask the sangat...can any 1 help....either split the track so i can burn separetly..or any other means that can help...

THANK YOU, Waheguru ji

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right best way to do it is to download the program off the following link so you can cut what ever you want or split the files so you can put it onto tow discs. it is a brilliant program and easy to you that is what i use so i can pu t all the tapes onto the hub. The registration key is also underneath so you dont have to pay for it. Just download the program, open it, enter the key and its easy from there on.



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