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Baba Surjit Singh to head Budha Dal


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source: http://www.sikhportal.com/modules.php?name...r=0&thold=0

Baba Surjit Singh to head Budha Dal (Talwandi Sabo, April 16)

Speculations regarding the new head of the Budha Dal were laid to rest today with Baba Santa Singh choosing Baba Surjit Singh as his successor.

The debate over the Budha Dal’s successor started eight years back when Baba Balbir Singh, known for his proximity with Baba Santa Singh, left the dal to form a new group. He still claims himself to be the head of the dal. The matter again hit the headlines on March 15 this year when Baba Balbir Singh suddenly reached Damdama Sahib to meet Baba Santa Singh.

Sources said Baba Santa Singh wanted to quit due to the age factor and he had also formed a five-member committee to manage the affairs of the dal. The sources said there were discussions among the dal members at Gurdwara Degsar Bor Sahib, in which the names of Baba Dayal Singh and Baba Surjit Singh came up.

Baba Uday Singh proposed the name of Baba Surjit Singh, while Baba Dayal Singh seconded his name. Sources said heads of various Nihang organisations, including Tarna Dal’s Makhan Singh, Baba Gurdev Singh Anandpur Saheb, Baba Avtar Singh of Vidhi Chand Dal, and Baba Trilok Singh Tarna Dal Khayale Wale, met Baba Santa Singh and supported Baba Surjit Singh’s name for the post of the 14th head of the Budha Dal. Baba Santa Singh then presented his successor a ‘siropa’.

Nihang bodies pledged their full support to Baba Surjit Singh, who hails from Marad village of Gurdaspur. He became a dal member about 30 years back.

Here is a picture of baba surjit singh ji - on right:


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baba surjit singh is truly chardi-kalah gurmukh.. just look at the radiance on his face.. vah ji vah :)

i be translating some of sakhiya's of baba surjit singh ji in few weeks :)

picture on left- nihang gumant singh budda dal in toronto and on right- baba surjit singh ji budda dal jathedar.

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There is a Sakhi also by which Tenth Master told Singhs to eat/kill Boar or Pig preferably wild.

As in Jungle, Boar is very difficult to be killed and killing Boar gives us a practise of peircing the heart of enmy at War.

Meat of boar or pork is called Shikar and not Jhatka,Shikar means hunt.As boar's neck can not be severed by one blow so we use spear to break its heart.When it dies we burn its hairs and then butcher it to eat.

Veggi brethren kindly forgive but it may sound apppelling but to kill a man we nned to have practise to kill other animate creatures.

It is realy not for taste but pork has healing power for injury of bone or muscle pull as a wrester(Pahiwan) das can tell you.When young das was a fair wrester but after keeping Kes(Hairs as a Sikh) das stopped taking part more in wrestling but more in Karatedo or Tai Kwan do as Das found that fellow Pahilwans were reluctant to touch Das's hairs as a mark of respect to them inspite of thier being Hindu or Muslim.

Das did not like unequal match as opponent with reservations in mind may not fight the best.

Das appeals all the Sikh or Non Sikh brothers and Sisters to have military or Martial Art Training from any suorce they can have for good health.

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Dear Vijaydeep Singh

Thankyou for the reply - My Baba would always say wild boars are very hard to hunt - He would say that if you dont kill it with the first nishana the boar will come straight for you and finish you off- charging at about 50 miles an hour !! - he was a great hunter of boars and tittars(dont know the English word for them !) - Thankyou for your input .

Dear Challenge_Everything - I understand that as your name suggests you 'challenge everything' - I therefore congratulate you on 'doing exactly what it says on the Tin' - I would love to ask the Jathedar Sahib personally and do without a middleman - however not having the means or contacts to do so, I thought I'd ask the Sangat on SA.

My intial question was asked because I have never seen these tusks on a Nihang before - Boar tusks are more common among the tribal communities of India such as in Nagaland and also among the peoples of Burma,Polynesia and Hawaii. I merely asked to see if there was a link between these 'War-like' traditions and those of the Nihangs.

These communities use tusks as head ornamentation and neck ware - as the shape (especially two tusks together on a head-dress) correlates, in some way, to the Aad Chand I wondered if there is maybe a link.

Also I wondered if there is a link with The Avatar / incarnation of Vishnu - Varaha , the Boar -- as described in the Dasm Granth Sahib as having grinder teeth and being crushed and mashed by the Mighty Kaal

I am asking out of sheer curiosity - and a hope that others will share any knowledge they may have of Nihang oral tradition- I have no dark hidden agenda !! -- after all I was under the impression that this was an awareness promoting discussion forum .

GurFateh !

By the way no one has confirmed if the 'objects' are indeed Boar tusks - are they ?

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Titer is Patridge Three Das knows

Grey Patridge,Black and Swamp one.

Bater is quail.

Boar does a sort of plouging to soil of Jungle as it searches for tubers by its tusk.

Maybe thats why Varah Avtar Legend to bring earth from Neither is made.

Sri Dasham tells us to not to kil wild life reckleesssly as they are good for our ecology.

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Well Dasham Granth has Puranas writtan in correct prespective as out shcholars are writing Sikh history from old source in correct prespective.

So Guru via Avtars tells us of evolution and if shoots(humans) have to live good then roots(animals who were base of humans evolution may live well).

So Acouatic( Fish or matsya) was first organisim as per since also.Next was amphiboius turtle(Kashyap),Then first mammel on land Boar or Varah,which take cares of jungle by doing ploughing in Jungle by diging soil for tubers and is a sort of tractor made by Akal for upkeep of land.Then Narsingha( Non Home sempion homonoid like Nieender thal man or half man and half beast) and then Human form of like Nara or Narayan living in wild with harmony with nature.

So it is to draw inferance rather then giving quotes.All Gurbani is full of great and hidden messages.

Jo Parbh Ko Milbo Chahe Khoj Sabad Mein Leye.

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N30 Singh !

have you been able to ask Nihang Gurmant Singh Ji about the Boar Tusks ?

I've found this interesting photo - I believe it is of Nihang Gurmant Singh -and He also is wearing boar tusks around his neck !


Also I have been reading Amandeep Madra and Parmjit Singh's 'Siques Tigers or Thieves' - they make mention of practices observed by Polier "that would now be abhorrent" - where muslim 'converts' "are made to wear a boar's tusk as an amulet" they state these practices have no doctrinal roots and are unorthodox and could be a way of testing new recruits loyalty.They also quote Du perron and his claim that "senior Siks give them (muslim converts) food to eat, and all that they eat is stirred with a tooth of a wild boar"

(Siques,Tigers or Thieves - introduction pgxxxii )

The authors stress this is all highly unusual and has not survived into modern times - they also make the point that the eating of pork and the tusks may just be a by-product of hunting wild boar.

Perhaps Gurmant Singh Ji could shed some light on the matter - what is the modern reasoning for wearing tusks - just hunting trophies or something else.

Many Thanks if you could ask Gurmant Singh, N30 Bhaaji !

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boar tusks are our shikar trophies, also according to one nihang singh i asked while in India, he said that animals have greater senses then men, such as why do sadhus sit on tiger skins, it is so no animal comes near them while doing bhagti in forest or whatever as they fear the skin of the tiger (similar to how sheep farmers would cover lambs whose parents have been slaughtered in the skins of other lambs so that they would be accepted by the other sheep as their own). In the same way the tiger tooths or boar tooth kept by singhs has that effect on animals keeps them from trying to attack while singhs rested in jungles etc, especially during misl periods and times of unrest.

I do not know if the above statement is true the lamb bit in brackets is my own inclusion everthing else is what he said, this is nihang oral tradition. If anyone has discovery channel let us know if its possible or not.. lol

oh ps.. It was also mentioned that and some hard core sikhs may not like this, but it was mentioned by at least two nihangs, that the boar tooth was used as a come back to the mulsi yudh maryada, in effect the woman would no longer be muslim if she was to (im not sure if he said touch or suck as in place in mouth) a boars tooth, and hence the risk of musli yudh was overcome in that way.

However personally I dont think that is the main reason but maybe a bi product of the tooth carrying..

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