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Three things that make a Sant

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He who says he is, is NOT. He how does not say he is, IS.


A saint is in whose presence the formless descends and becomes a presence…through whom you can have a look at the farthest star…through whom you can have a feeling of God himself…through whose words silence speaks, and through whose eyes the infinite peeks at you. And if you hold his hand, you will suddenly see: the hand is his, but not only his—God is holding your hand through him. he is a vehicle, a bamboo flute on the lips of the infinite. He gives form to the formless, he is the embodiment of the formless.

You have to be very open and vulnerable, only then will you be able to feel a Master. Don’t go to a Master with a negative attitude, otherwise you will never reach him. The very negative attitude will not allow his vibe to reach you. The negative attitude will not allow you to move into the same wavelength in which he lives. Hence trust is needed. Hence love is needed. Otherwise you will go empty and you will come empty—and when you will come empty you will say, ‘This is not the real master. I went empty and I have come empty.’ If you are open and the Master is not real, nothing will happen; and you will know it, and you will know it certainly, that this is not for you, that this is not he man you are seeking. But be open—because if you are open, only then can you know whether he is true or not. If you are closed, sooner or later you will become a victim of somebody who is a pseudo-Master-because pseudo-Masters try to convince you argumentatively.

The real Masters are very paradoxical, very contradictory. They are as contradictory as life itself, because they embody life. They are the inconsistent as God himself, because they embody god. They are not logical, they are very illogical—because they are super-logical, because they are bringing something which cannot be grasped thru logic.

In the closeness of a real Master you will feel you are closed to an abyss…but if you open--only then. If you are not open, you will become a victim to some pseudo-person who can convince you, who can talk you in, who can seduce you in. For example, if you are greedy he will talk about greed. He will tell you how much you are going to gain out of meditation, the prayer. He will persuade your greed, how much you are going to have in heaven if you follow him. He will promise you much. A true Master never promises anything. In fact he shatters you completely—your greed, your desire, you idea of becoming somebody, being somebody—he shatters all in all. A real master is a rock against which your boat is completely shattered…your whole mind is shattered. He drives you crazy; he does not argue. His argument is more of him being than his words.

But we are greedy. We live through greed, we are afraid, full of fear—somebody gives us consolation, we become victims. A real Master is not a consolation, he is not a solace. He is, in fact, death to you. He kills you, he destroys you, he is very destructive…but creativity is possible only when the old is destroyed. When the old ceases to be, the new can enter in.

I have heard a beautiful anecdote. Meditate over it….

The letter from Sean to his old, old mother was heartening.

‘Dear mother,’ he wrote, ‘I am sending you some pills that a witch doctor gave me an dif you take one, it will take years of your life.’

He came home a few weeks later and there was a beautiful young woman outside his house rocking a pram in which a baby lay sucking a bottle.

‘Where’s my mother?’ he asked

‘Arrah, don’t be silly,’ she said. ‘I’m you mother and these pills were marvelous.’

‘Imagine!’ said Sean. ‘One pill, and you are as beautiful as anyone could be—and what’s more, you were able to have a baby. Lord, but they were powerful!’

‘You madman!’ she cried. ‘That’s not a baby, that’s your father. He took two;’

Avoid greed—otherwise you will take two pills. And there are many people who are selling things like that. Witch doctors….

A Master is not here to fulfill your greed, he is here to destroy your greed. Because once greed is destroyed, you become available to yourself. If you are greedy you are n3ever available to yourself. Greed becomes desire, desire becomes projection in the future. And you are always wandering somewhere in the future; you are never here now. Greed takes you away from yourself: greed has to be destroyed.

A Master never promises you anything—but only in the presence of a Master something becomes possible he will not tell you: ‘I will take death away from you’, or ‘You will become immortal’. He is not giving you nectar, elixir, ambrosia. Of course, being with a Master one become immortal—but not that he makes you immortal. He simply takes you deep into the existence of death.

Just look at it: He takes you deep into the experience of death. That is what deep meditation is all about—a death experience. And when you have known your death, watched it, suddenly you realized you are separate from it. It happens, but it never happens to you. It happens on the periphery, it never reaches to the center. It happens to the body, it never happens to you And the body is nothing but your abode. You have changed many bodies, and you will change many more—but you are immortal. But a real Master does not promise it. He delivers it one day, but there is no promise for it. If you are seeking one state where fear will dissolve, some state where your greed will be fulfilled, some state where you will be titillated constantly with pleasure, paradise, then you are bound to become a victim of some pseudo-person.

When you come to a living Saint/Master, deep down something in you wants to bow down. It is not that you are going to do a certain formality—if you are doing , it is meaningless. But something really down in your spirit, deep in your spirit, deep in your center, wants to bow down. The bowing to a Master is no more ritualistic. It is alive, it is meaningful, it is not an empty gesture. But you can just go on bowing down to anybody, because you have been taught to bow down—then it is useless. Try to see the difference. When something is born into you out of of your spontaneity, then it is true. When you have to do something as a duty, it is untrue. ‘Duty’ is a dirty word. If something is born out of love, good. If something is born out of duty, avoid it, never do it—because that is dangerous. If you learn the ways of duty too much, you will forget they ways of love. Duty is against love. Duty is false substitute for love.

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Ok people, I am sick tired of proganda that some people use on prefix "sant" only being refered to Guru Maharaj only and nothing else.

Defination of Sant taken from Mahan Kosh by Bhai Sahib Kahn Singh Nabha.


Anyone who has gotten qualities above writen by Bhai Sahib Kahn Singh Nabha is a saint/sant !!!!!!!!!! whether it's- bhai, gursikh, baba, prof, doctor, nurse !!!!!!!!

Sant/bhai/gurmukh/bhramgyani/sadhu/bhai/baba prefix are used interchangably..and has been used both

eternaly and externly in the context when refering to an "Naam Abhiyasi" individual.

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