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You should not keep weapons on your person if you know not how to use them and look after them.You are allowed to have a knife of no more than 3 inches according to the law in the UK.Even then you have to have a good reason to have one (fishing, gardening et cetera).Happy hunting....

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Hari you're wrong. You should not keep weapons on your person full stop.

What you wrote about the 3-inches law is not true, as I mentioned earlier. It's not a question of inches. Stop making stuff up.

According to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 you can carry a knife with blade length of 3 inches aslong as it can be folded.No fixed blades.Even then you need a good reason.Don't get your knickers in a twist darling. :wink:

Is a Kirpan a religious article or a knife?? :LOL:

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If I may interject here, I might be able to help throw some light on this situation.

It is both a knife and a religious article. It is not a weapon.

Usually kirpan is not a folding knife, but a fixed-blade knife. The relevant law is the 1959 Act as amended. Fixed-blade knives OF ANY LENGTH are generally prohibited in public places UNLESS the holder has them as part of a national costume (e.g. Scots and Arabs in full costume) or for educational purposes or for religious reasons . Sikhs rely on the religious exemption to carry kirpan.

I think the amendment referred to by Bruce Lung was that the 1988 Act added a lot more articles to the list of weapons prohibited under the 1959 Act.

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so what is enough to carry a kirpan? most singhs are damn veges so wnt actually hunt, shame really.

That's not entirely true - one does not need hunt animals to fight jung's.

Just look into lives of Baba Bir Singh Ji Naurangabad, Baba Maharaj Singh Ji Naurangabad, Sant baba jawala singh ji (associated with 35 regiment) fought many wars in their lives being "veggie".

I do understand why nihangs are non-veggie and i respect that but lets not judge warriors by looking if they are veggie or non-veggie...that has very little to do with soldier- hood in Sikhism.. one needs a kirpa and hakum - one can fight the enemies being leper, handicapped, old, woman, children etc etc.

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