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Sauchem reading the Sri Guru Granth Sahib online.

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Hi ppl. long time reader first time poster(im sure uve heard it b4). ive recently undertaken the task of reading the english translation of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib online, to get a better understanding of sikhism. what kind of suachem do i need to uphold. ie, covering my head. Also, in book form the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is bowed to, looked after like a newborn baby etc. so my other point is, is it right to read it online, or should i bow to my monitor. Surely the Sri Guru Granth Sahib should be read in pure conditions.(Im new to delving into the heart of sikhism, ive always been a believer but never actually known much, im not an amritdhari, and my life doesnt always follow guru ji's teachings, but im working on it)

Thank you.

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Bruce Lung you certainly are like your name a Lung. mind the pun. lol.

sikh_apprentice it is best to read Gurbani in its original form by learning Gurmuhki.

I don't know how to read Panjabi or Gurmukhi, I still read the english translation of Gurbani.

You are right, there is no sacred language as Waheguru belongs to all.

Some people say you loose translation when its in english, I don't entirely agree with that, as it depends how much devotion you put in.

As GOD is above mere a language.

But its good to learn Gurmukhi. I have started to learn how to read and write and its going good.

i know gurmukhi, but i have to cross refernce to understand what it means, and as im nott very good at reaing it, i sometimes make mistakes (chooti bani) which is a paap. so i think ill stick with english for now.

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yaara reading the text wherever it may be is just reading, listening and understanding and contemplating maharaj is between you and maharaj, if you feel you should bow before the monitor as a sign of love and devotion then so be it,

I have seen many variations and each is as wonderful as the other, each showing their prem in a way they know best.

One singh amritvela type akj style maryada follower, wonderful person had made a gaddhi for his computer would sit on the floor when viewing bani on it, and would do ardas before turning it off.

Me personally I have no idea when I will read bani and I have no idea how i will feel when doing it, but when the moment comes I know what I feel i should do and act accordingly.

Its all about whats in your heart, I dont believe in any sacred language and I dont believe reading bani in gurmukhi form makes it any more meaningful, maybe abit more accurate but we all start somewhere, its the message we have to look for and the contemplation which makes Satguru Maharajs bani Satguru.

like the story of baba Nanak and the blood milk rotis. Its all about your heart. !

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