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do we need khalistan and is it right asking for it?


do we need khalistan and is it right asking for it?  

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yehh it seems kinda right, since it stops the following things:

a) sikhs treated lyk 2nd class citizens in PUNJAB let alone india

B) trials 4 wat? coz they got Sikhi saroop?

c) RSS etc etc.. prioving sikhs r hindus. (i mean if they truely beleve dat.. JOIN SIKHI! lol)

d) Punjab's waters pumped 2 all indian states b4 feeding its own land :roll: i cant get my head round that.

e) who can garantee that 84 wont happen agen?

so from the above, it at least seems a TINY bit appropriate to haf khalistan. no?

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It is my opinion that we do not need any country but principles within ourselves. Sikh should learn to treat other Sikhs as Sikhs and thats the good start. I do not think having mere a piece of land name Khalistan will make any difference in Sikhs life.

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If we are treated like equal citizens in Hindustan then there is no need for it, we can live happily together, however, if they dont treat us equally and respect our faith Khalsitan becomes necessary. This is what Bhindranwale Ji said, and is totally true, judging by how India is treating Sikhs today is no different to how it was 20-30 years ago and i would say it is still necessary.

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"....however, if they dont treat us equally". The Sikhs are hugely represented in all walks of Indian life...what are you talking about. And I might add I don't think this is a bad thing. However stop quoting Bhindranwale who must bear a large part of the blame for the 1980's problems. It is only the foreigners who still harp on about Khalistan.

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Khalistan is land of Sikhs and that is whole world and India including.

If India is true democracy then we can make it Khalsitan and call the same,

But thing to rember that if any state based upon secternal ambition with Sikhs plus regional aspiration are there and to get the state forece or teror is used to undermine non Sikhs or Sikhs from those side who do not support then it is difficult to get Nation if not imposible.

We need to understand that all the major faiths in world be it Islam,Judaisim or Hindusim all have atleast one sate to safe gurad them till end of the world.

So we need to have the same for us(Sikhs) but we need to use brain more and brawn not at all for it.

Best Idea is to buy some Island say in oceania or south Amrica and make one soverng sikh nation there for at least now and we need to but that Island with soverngnity.

Mainn purpose it have Sikh nation representing us at world forum and not only us but all deprived sections of hindus,muslims christians etc.

This idea was with S. Ganga Singh Ji of USA in past but could not be fulfilled.

Better is to poll resoureses to buy such sovergn peace of Land then giving mony to hardliners who can not do much in fornt of huge military might of perhaps 4th major power with backning of 1st and 2nd super powers.

We need to rember that Sixth Master and Ninth Master also made Kiratpur Sahib and Anandpur Sahib for the same purpose.

After making a ntion we need to make a huge Sikh military to help west and India to fight wrong jeehadi peoples the danger for world peace and we need to sponser preaching of faith in most of the said nations.

Akal bless.

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personally i think we dont need khalistan as a state. What do we need it for, a place to call home? thye Gurus didnt need khalitan or a state. We shouldnt be bothered with all these materialistic possesions- Khalsa should be chakkar varti dnt need no home stay chardikala everywhere- in india, britain and anywhere else in the world.

thats just my opinion though


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lot of thinking of after thought and not of present. it is better to live 1 day free than 100 days as a slave. is Khalistan needed? if we want to protect our religion the having a state to back it up is a very big bonus. if we want our youths to live then also its a bonus. If we dont want thousands of our people killed and for the murderers to escape justcie then we need our own state. within the borders of india or outside, but Khalsa raaj is a neccesstiy.

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I call bullshit, if we needed it we wouldve got it in the 80s

i can see it now, a bunch of neophyte sikhs with no knowledge of their history running around banning things in the name of 'freedom' and we end up with a pos totalitarian country

imo the type of people we want as sikhs are people who will be sikhs no matter how badly they are persecuted, like the people who were sikhs when it was punishable by death

having a state back a religion is a big mistake, next you'll have the state police the religion; the last thing sikhism needs is central organisation and a bunch of idiots forcefully dictating what is and isn't sikhism a la islam in afhanistan/arabia etc

and like some other people said, we cant even run a local Gurudwara without beating each other up, how the heck are we gonna run a country, if we eserved it we wouldve got it in the 80s, of that i have no doubt

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we might argue amongst ourselves and fight amongst ourselves but that is no different to any other nation relgion on this earth. Any country you think of there is always conflict even between brothers. Also think how under the Khalsa Raj the desecration of the Gloden temple stopped by invaders . Or defecneless girls were carried off to Afghaniustan. Being rulers is better than being ruled . again I say its better to live 1 day as a free man tha nto live 100 hundred days as a slave. i bleive that Malcolm X said something similiar at one time.

dont misunderstand when i say the state will back the religion. Vinegar do youbeliev that Akali Guru Teg Bahadur gave his life for the freedom of the hindus to worship? if you do belive this then tell me why for the last 50 odd years the indian govt have being teching children that Guru Ji was a rebel who was against auranzeb and so he was executed. If we had our ouwn state we could at least tell the studetns the truth about what happened. we could protec our religion in this way, thats what i mean about having the state back the religion.

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Its not an uncredible reason for Khalistan either. Theres nothing wrong in supporting or wanting Khalistan. Theres are many plus positives and negatives for having our own country, just like there are for staying under Indian rule. But the bottom line is that the only way to solve this is through a plebiscite which is what the SIkhs asked for thru-out the 1980s and 1990s but were met with bullets and torture.

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What do the people living in India say ? Do they want Khalistan or not ?

The other question is if we had khalistan , how many people not living in INDIA , will pack there bags and start living in the Khalistan state ?

I think , a separate state would cause more grief and misery , as we are aware majority of the population in INDIA is Hindu. If we had khalistan , sikhs working in other states , probably be discriminated against e.g why dont you work in your own state , etc...

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