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Sikh Student Camp 2006 Press Release


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I got this in a email, just putting other side of the coin.

Dear All,

you may have been contacted recently by a number of individuals making allegations regarding Sikh Student Camp, and spreading a vast amount of misleading claims and misinformation. We are only now hearing of these contacts, and realising the extent to which these individuals are behaving. The attached press release provides clarification of our organisation and objectives. We would like to invite all respected panthic organisations and individuals to attendthis years Sikh Student Camp, which is taking place this year from 20th - 26th of August.We feel this is the best way for us to demonstrate that valuable and worthwhile functionpreformed by the camp, while reassuring the Sikh community.

Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Manjit Kaur (Southall)Camp

CoordinatorSikh Student Camp 2006

see-attachment- Sikh Student Camp 2006 Press Release

Right click on the following link below and download the press release.


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To be honest,

sikh student camp shouldn't really worry about all this negative pr being created by the likes of EDITED ( wannabee lawyer, desperatly looking to make a name for himself ) from gravesend and other peeps like manvir singh the Chardi kala singh who records everything you say.

what you must remember is peeps, if one cant have his own castle at home, he will try to go elsewhere and make his fantasy castle. even by force.

I have said it before and i will say it again...these peeps need to get a social life.

they need to learn the skill of intergrating with society, and understand the meaning of chardi kala is to smile at your neighbour, not hate them...

they need to UN-twist there khachera :D

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I would like to apologise, the person I named as the key culprit for organising the smear campaign is incorrect, (Mr "EDITED" is actually a police officer who supports the Sikh Student Camp :D ), his actual full name is "EDITED" ( wanna be Barrister) husband of EDITED, who live in Gravesend..

My purpose in just naming and shaming him is to make the public aware of who is responsible and who should be contacted if this campaign goes outside the law to resolve there problems.

their photos with a synopsis of there background (including reports obtained from the London Met outlining there criminal past), will be released to shame them if they resort to violence.

But I hope this is enough for them to rethink there strategy and choose a more peaceful option.

If they believe their cause to be just, they should have no reason to threaten families and the older generation.


Moderator Note: Please do not mention names in your posts directly. If you have something published in news papers or evidences to support their names then post that news or evidence otherwise it is merely a act of blaming each other.

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Hi just_someone

sorry if you were offened, not my intention.

NO evidence has been put forward, just generalisations.

Its very easy for one to be destructive and take the community back several steps. But it takes some virtue and a lot of hard work for people to actually be constructive and help the community grow. Even when people are spitting on them.

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Just recieved this via e-mail. Its an open letter to SPAS - Sikh Parents Association.

( this organisation isn't registered and doesn't actually exist, but it sure has a nice acronym :D )

-- -------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sikhstudent < info@sikhstudent.org>

Date: Aug 8, 2006 3:15 PM

Subject: Open letter to SPAS

To: sikhparent_as@yahoo.co.uk

24th Saawan (Samvat 538 Nanakshahi)

Tuesday, 08 August 2006

Open letter to Sikh Parents Awareness Society (SPAS)

Cc: UK Sikh organisations and the media.

Dear sikhparent_as@yahoo.co.uk and Manmohan Singh

We are the organisers of the Sikh Student Camp (SSC) 2006.

On the evening of 5th August, 2006, one of the camp organisers found a large amount of flyers in Gurdwara Sri Damesh Durbar, Rosebury Avenue, London. We have tried to contact Manmohan Singh and SPAS on the telephone number given on the flyer, but our numerous calls were unanswered.

Yesterday we were forwarded an email dated 7th August, 2006, which originated from SPAS's apparent email address ( sikhparent_as@yahoo.co.uk) to which the flyer was also attached.

We apologise for this means of communication and not being able to address you more specifically. This is because we do not know the registered address of SPAS or Manmohan Singh where we can send this letter. Hence we are resorting to sending this email.

This is the first opportunity we have had to discuss your flyer with you, the contents of which are of serious concern to us.

The allegations in the flyer constitute sexual and improper conduct by the SSC organisers. We vehemently abhor such behaviour and contrary to what has been said, we do not condone such behaviour in any way. If such incidents were to ever occur at the camp, our policy is to strictly discipline the individual, report them to the appropriate authorities, ban them from future camps, and forward their name to other panthic organisations.

From the flyer it is unclear which specific organiser is supposed to have carried out the alleged immoral acts, or the exact nature of the incidents and when these alleged incidents occurred.

As organisers of the camp, we are taking it upon ourselves to address and fully investigate all such allegations. We therefore ask you to supply details of when these incidents occurred and the names of the individuals involved. We understand the alleged victims may not be forthcoming. However, we take this so seriously that we would like to have this matter investigated by the police, so we ask you to provide us with full details. Any information received by us of any inappropriate behaviour will be fully investigated and reported to the police if necessary, and we therefore welcome such information of any individual whose behaviour is alleged to be inappropriate. We also have a policy to exclude any individual on whom we have received information on, about the individuals past behaviour and therefore potential behaviour. Incidents of sexual and improper conduct are taken very seriously by Sikh Student Camp and the police, regardless of who the individual is.

We the SSC 2006 organisers, categorically state that we are not aware of such incidents of sexual and improper conduct involving camp organisers occurring at the camp in the past, and have not been involved in such issues ourselves. So far all that has been provided is generalisations.

As with other camps, participants with behavioural issues have always been dealt with in accordance with our rules and regulations (available on our website) and have been disciplined as appropriate, including being barred from attending future camps. Any specific previous incidents the SSC organisers are aware off were dealt with through our discipline procedure.

We request SPAS supply full details of the alleged incidents within the next 48 hours, in order for us to adequately investigate these isolated incidents and bar any individuals from attending this year's camp and furthermore consider criminal proceedings against any such individuals.

This year's camp will not be cancelled or postponed. Our organisation believes that the youth from the Sikh community need to be given opportunities for spiritual, personal and professional development. There is an immense need for this in our community and the cancellation or postponement of this years camp would hinder such goals.

Our sources have revealed that the flyer has been circulated to the media. The content of the flyer has made serious allegations about the camp and the organisers and these allegations need to be corroborated and substantiated. Our organisation and those who have been named or implied in

the allegations will take legal advise if the allegations are repeated.

The lack of corroboration points towards the fact that these allegations are cruel, vicious and clearly an attempt by individuals to hinder our cause and hence hinder the development of Sikh youth. The media has contacted us regarding the allegations. We have requested the media not to print or publicise the contents, as this is defamatory, until these allegations have been fully investigated. For this reason also, we ask you to supply full details of the alleged incidents.

We look forward to a response and trust this matter can be concluded fruitfully without the Sikh community being ridiculed publicly.

In line with Sikh values we are taught to respect other people's sisters and daughters as our own and we work hard to enforce and promote such principles.

Yours faithfully,

The Sikh Student Camp 2006 Team

Mob: 07774654095

Email: info@sikhstudent.org

Web: www.sikhstudent.org


Who is Sikh Student?

The Sikh Student team consists of a base of 50+ volunteers largely centred in and around London. Our volunteers are current students, graduates and professionals - including teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, dentists, and persons serving in the army and police. Many of our volunteers are also actively engaged in seva (voluntary) for the Sikh community through other organisations, projects and local Gurudwaras.

What are the objectives of Sikh Student?

The objectives of Sikh Student are to provide opportunities for spiritual, personal and professional development of Sikh youth. In particular we look to achieve this by:

- Teaching the basics of Sikhi in a friendly & non judgemental environment.

- Allowing people to experience and develop their spirituality.

- Encouraging people to think about and explore their heritage.

- Encouraging youth to put something back into their communities

- Providing opportunities for personal development, and informal mentoring on careers and professions

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That forum is just another one that in the inside that Mkhalsa has control of as well. He often has been caught posting under other names speaking on other peoples behalf and speaking highly of himself etc. etc. He controls those majority "akj" forums.

I especially dont like the bashing on SikhAwareness. This site has led me into so many positive paths in my life right now. The ONLY forum thus far with open minded intellectual discussions. THe only site where ones opinion is actually heard out not ignorantly discarded. What a MAHAN seva the admin are doing with this website and these people dare to do nindiya of it. I found it best to not get involved especially on there messsage boards. Because theres no way to have any intellectual discussion with them.

In the case of SSC. From what I hear it's an AMAZING camp doing nothing but bringing ekta and helping the youth in this kaljug.

It is no longer BOSS run.

One other thing is, that if these guys really think the claims that they make on this camp are true, then ask Sukha SIngh or Gurmustuk Singh of Sikh Net who went last year. Ask Ramta of UK. Ask KAM singh. or Kamalroop Singh.

One other thing I find funny is that if www.shastarvidiya.org aka Gurdev Jee did not use the word "admin cut" to describe quote on quote fake nihungs on the website, these anti Niddar Singh guys wouldnt even have the word "admin cut" in their vocab.

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When camps do what they do best they are all great.. that is challenge themselves as well as the youth of today, within their own circles of life, khalsa camp has its advanced sikhi market, boss camp once had the student scene but now seems to be siding more towards a more specialised market, and Sikh Student, well they had just the average joe student with a few sikhs here and there.. Each had its own style each its own quality...

Unfortunatly with this recent change from organising camps to online political sabotage and camp sponsored globalisation of the sikh youth markets, well now the intrest is no longer in providing the experience to the campers, now its just a competition to provide their own brand of sikhi product.

SS camp if it sticks to its guns and stays the way it was before then everyone will still love it for what it is. It has never claimed to be the best or most accurate sikh camp, and that is what gave it a unique touch. However if SS camp was to sell out to the propoganda and pressures from people who really dont give two craps about SS or the campers. Well then they are giving away the very thing that people such as Gurmustuk Singh, Apna NEO, Sukha etc etc all regard so great about the camp.

Also the leaflets that were handed out, have a very similar approach to the old concerned blogs. Most probably the same group of people and that would imply their links to BOSS camp, and poor BOSS camp has had its own set of ups and downs. Congradulations to those sevadars who worked hard to provide the campers with a great time and insight into sikhi and congradulations to those campers who took something great away with them. Now I would just request the BOSS lot and anyone else out there to stand back attempt to clean under their own manja before running forwards to clean under everyone elses !! As Baba Jesus said, let he who is without sin throw the first stone, when there is no sins.. then let the stone throwing commence :D

p.s. its a pity how the organisers of SS got labelled and accused of crap they never did just because of some idiots rumours and own personal motives and now they are being told to stop the camp... However its also ironic that it was the same organisers who banned other individuals based on rumours and accusations...which I believe also had no evidence, oh well What goes around comes around .. :D

However.. Dont worry.... be happy...

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got it from mrsikhnet.com

I just finished my doing my banis this morning and went on to check my email as I normally do in the morning and was shocked to hear about what happened last night in England. There have been some people who have been on a mission to discredit and shut down the Sikh Student Camp (which is an awesome camp) which happens every year in England. It seems that they will go to any lengths to cause problems. When I read the below messages from those involved in the circumstances I wonder how a Sikh can justify doing such things. In their mind it must be some "religious crusade to rid the sinners". It really shows the state of where some Sikhs are today….and how far off track they are to stoop this low.


"As you may have heard, we were attacked at home last night by two youths wearing black balaklavas (ski masks). This was a planned premeditated attack, as a number of youths were waiting outside the house in car.

The attack occurred at our front door, after we had just returned from the gurdwara at 11.15pm. Two youths dressed in black, attacked my brother from behind, forcing open the door, and then proceeding to assault him inside the house. My elderly parents were at home and are extremely shocked and scared to say the least.

My brother, the only Amrithdhari eye surgeon in the country has hurt his neck and his right hand and fingers, and it is unclear if he will be able to operate again in the near future.

We are extremely hurt and dissappointed by the actions of a few fanatical so called "leaders" of the youth, who now seem willing to go to any level to achieve their goals. Rather than work with us, these individuals have taken this to an inexcusable level.

We urge everyone to intervene and stop this unjustifiable mindless violence escalating, before it is too late."

Later on at 3:30AM this morning another sevadhar’s car was petrol bombed (Molotov cocktail). "His 3 kids and eldery parents are visibly shaken. The unfortunate thing is we know who is behind all this… but they use others to do their dirty work."

I just called friends in England to make sure everyone was ok, and found out that one of the persons who was involved in the assualt was followed home and is now in police custody. Apparently they are not giving the police any information.

Sikh Student Camp started today in spite of all the hardships, and is at full capacty! As a precaution and for safety reasons Police are stationed at the school where the camp is held. If you are a parent, no need to worry

One has to try to find the good from these bad situations. I find that things like this can bring people closer….as we support each other in the hardship. Hopefully we can all learn from this.

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