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nihangs and khalistan..

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As far as i am aware, the Buddha Dal see themselves as part of the 'hindu indian nation' or 'indian hindu nation'. i remember recently reading this somewhere...in a pamphlet or a booklet.

So i guess it might be hard for them to support the notion of Khalistan/Self-determination...who knows...

Narsingha - i think this is one for you paaji!



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Guest BikramjitSingh


Any idea when this eagerly awaited website will be up and running ?.

The other Bhajis are asking basic questions so I don't think you need to go into great details. There's no need for a 'war and peace', just a few details. Maybe you could answer these questions here ?.

1. Are Nihangs pro or anti Khalistan or do they have no view ?

2. On either of the above, a few reasons why they hold that particular point of view


Bikramjit Singh

PS I won't be holding my breath for the answers

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My personal opinion on Khalistan doesnt matter, it wont change or alter history or the future :)

As for what the Akali Nihang Singh perspective, be patient for www.nihang.com. As yet, www.sarbloh.info and www.shastarvidiya.org are already proving too much to handle for some.


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I think he makes sense when he wants to come up with full details. I would say let's wait and let him finish that section of their site.

I think he doesn't want to provide information in bit and pieces so let's wait for while until they finish that part of their site.

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the nihangs of the uk are supported by the rss, obviously they don't believe in khalistan

Can you please back up your claim???

There are many khalistanis but on the same token there are many non-khalistani sikhs as well.. so you are tryin to say those non-khalistani are supported by rss..

I dont beleive in khalistan because i beleive khalsa dharama cant be held by a country. Khalsa dharma is universal.. its way of living.

I beleive in Khalsa raj because thats guroo's bachan compare to khalistan concept which was created by bunch of politicans/fanatics.

Remember sant jarnail singh bhindranwale words.. he was never favour of khalistan nor he was against it.

I dont beleive in khalistan..so i m supported by rss?

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Lets not get into our own debate on Khalistan. This thread was opened for narsingha so let's wait for him. I hope you guys will have some patience and let Narsingha say his side.

RSS is not a biggest threat to us or for anyone who believes or follow Sikhism properly. Rss is threat for those that don't want to follow Sikhism. We are not here to judge anyone as God has rights to judge human. Let's not get into any baseless comments here and try to write with full evidences.

Keep your faith strong and that's about it, then you don't need worry about RSS, TSS or LSS.

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..like I said before, when the time comes for www.nihang.com we will let everyone know.

As yet people are still trying to deal with www.sarbloh.info and www.shastarvidiya.org and we have not received any intellectual debate to counter what has been said on these websites.

(...it seems ppl prefer to poke holes in the 5% they disagree with rather than build upon and appreciate the 95% they agree with)

In the mean time, feel free to make your own comments, speculations, accusations, threats, etc etc

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Guest BikramjitSingh

Any updates of when that site will be realsed??? I can hardly wait...

Please let us know the dates... 8)

Don't hold your breath N30 Singh. These Nihangs have had 19 years to make up their minds but it looks like they still need more time.



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Guest BikramjitSingh

haha EEEEEASY Singh.... that almost sounded like an attack!

Unless you know different the people behind the websites are Nihangs. So what would you have liked me to have written in order to describe them ?., persons, people, guys etc. I think you should use this forum to educate yourself rather then nit picking on the choice of words iof the other people on this forum.

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As you are well aware, the Akali Nihang Singh Baba Durbara Singh Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Akhara of the Budda Dal has Akharas around the UK, so, why not come down and see for yourself who's behind the websites instead of whining on the internet like a child who's wet his diapers.

As yet it seems you still have difficulty digesting the content on www.sarbloh.info and www.shastarvidiya.org let alone what is to come on www.nihang.com.

Just in case you have forgotten the details regarding the Akharas...

Wolverhampton Akhara

Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara

Upper Villiers Street




2-3pm women/kids

3-4pm men

Coventry Akhara

Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara

71-81 Harnall Lane West




6-7pm women/kids

7-8pm men

Birmingham Akhara

Namdari gurdwara

On A45 coventry road

(full address I don't know)


6-7pm women/kids

7-8.30pm men

Slough Akhara

Ramgharia Gurudwara

Woodlands Avenue

Slough, SL1


1-2pm women/kids

2-3.30pm men

...I promise to be on my best behaviour :twisted:

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