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Concerning the Recent Slanderous Attacks against Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh on www.sikhawareness.com

It is with great sadness that I have been made aware of recent slanderous accusations made by a certain individual on www.sikhawareness.com against Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh. Given the fact that I am no longer part of this forum for having received racist insults I have chosen to write this statement and asked Bhai Barinder Singh Jî to post it for me.

As to the question of what Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh has done for the Panth I will reply by the following:

Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh’s very presence on this earth let alone in the Sikh community itself is a blessing. Apart from being a rahitvân Gursikh he is an inspiration. I might be ten years older than him and have accomplished many things in my life but his piety, compassion, true humility and love brings me to my knees and that is why I call him “Bâbâ Jî”. If ever one wants to know what the closest and loyal Singhs of Guru Gobind Singh looked like then one should look at Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh. I say without exaggeration that looking at his face is truly an act of worship and a blessing. Apart from his thorough training at the Sato Gali Taksâl (Sevapanthi institution) he has always endeavoured to study gurbânî more profoundly. Contrarily to those who throw slanderous accusations at him he has actually made great efforts to get in one of the 40 best universities in the world in order to learn the languages one needs to have a true understanding of gurbânî. Learning Sanskrit is indeed not an easy task and so far he is the only Singh I know who has actually made the effort to learn it. The invaluable knowledge he is getting at his university combined to his spiritual and personal qualities will truly make him into a true jewel of the Sikh Panth. A true role model combining piety, chivalry and knowledge, a true Singh of Guru Gobind Singh.

His prachâr already touches hundreds of people’s hearts and if this isn’t a unique contribution to the Panth already then I don’t know what is!

I feel honoured not only to know him but also to have him as a brother, closer than even my blood relatives. His enemies are my enemies! May Bar do Alam Shah Guru Gobind Singh shower millions of blessings upon his young knight.

No need to indulge in a comparison between Akâli Guru Gobind Singh and the disgusting person who has dared utter such malignant slander. A French proverb says it all:

La bave du crapaud n’atteint pas la blanche colombe.

The spit of the toad will never hit the white dove.

Those who slander against Akâlî Bâbâ Sukhâ Singh are like toads: ugly, dirty, devoid of grace. It doesn’t matter how high they might spit, they will never ever be able to destroy him. In any case their spiritual ugliness, satanic tendencies and demonic nature are already their own hell and defeat.

The cripple will always be jealous of the dancer…

yours sincerely

Ustâd Bahâdur Singh

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I know Sukha and I like him.

Now, although u some of u guys will probably know him a lot better than me....I get the feeling that he'd be reading this and cringing.

Stop shoving him on a pedestal! He's not perfect, but he is an exceptional role model for many Sikhs.

ps abt the dancing bit....have you ever seen Sukha dance? :shock:

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awwww such sweet words from the ustad.. :)

Its strange how the researcher was unable to note the sarcasm that the mods obviously noted.. and hence edited my post.. grrrrrr...

but no love lost in a world where no love truely exists other then the love for akaal which satanic demonic fools such as myself most definatly lack.. lol ...

ps... Akali Sukha Singh on a pedastal.. lol ... it would have to be 20 feet wide, and even then he would be standing on it with one foot.

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Mod's Edited- Sarcasm not allowed

The question we should all ask is what has Akali Sukha Singh done for the panth? Mod's Edited- Sarcasm not allowed

Well Akali Ji care to answer... :P

Gur Fateh

Before you ask others this question ask yourself, My Sikh Friend , what have you done for the Sikh Panth ???

If you cant see God in All you cant see God at all. (YB)

Our Guru does not promote HATE, so why do we ????

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