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Bhangra bash at Gurdwara

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Wednesday 20th of december a meeting happened at the Gurdwara Nanaksar in southampton. The main committee suggested a bhangra bash this weekend in order to celebrate the shaheedi of the Sahibjadai. The youth committee was consulted and out of them only one bhenji opposed the idea. The committee main reason for this bhangra bash is to attract the kids. One of the Committee members Harjinder Singh Virdee (general sec) said lets move with the modern times.

Harjaap singh Lakhpuri ( stage sec) said bhangra has said our punjabi language and kids learn punjabi so they can understand the lyrics.

Gurdwara Nanaksar

3 Peterborough Road



02380 226464

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what is our stance on shaheedi ??

coz im getting quite different views and stances

do we celebrate shaheedi as a part of our heritage and culture not moarning those that died but accepting thier qurbani for the panth..

Do we elevate the person who became a shaheed

Do we claim anyone who dies and is percieved as a sikh and promoted as such in the media as a shaheed

Do we hold candle light vigils and protests for remembrance of particular shaheeds and insist on holidays and statues in their name

How much of these things should we do or do we do and which are influenced by social practices outside of sikhi .. as well as outside of punjabiat..

after all the main reason bhangra shouldnt be used to promote the shaheedi purb is due to it being a social practice of punjabis and not a sikh practice.. right?

also what about the remixing of sound tracks to tell the stories of shaheedi but with a beat more commonly associated to the modern styles of rap r n b etc etc

please discuss

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Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh,

The point of a Shaheedi gurpurb is the same as any other gurpurb, to reflect on a special personality or special event that brings us closer to Akaal Purkh, and from whom/which we can draw inspiration to become the best Gursikhs possible.

There is no celebration as such, sangat attends the Gurdwara Divaan and will listen to a kathakaar who will commemorate the personailty/event giving relevant examples from Gurbani to show how the lives/actions of these people were pure and holy.

Suitable shabad will also be sung by the whole sangat to draw the message home.

Gurpurbs in essense are educational opportunities, which aim to inspire and bring the sangat together.

Vaaran are the traditionally method of re-telling stories in the panth, and this seva is tradionally carried out by Dhadhi Jathaas, as instigated by the 6th Master, Sri Guru Hagobind Sahib. The stories are retold using the Sarangi, Dhad and quite energetic/aggressive styles of folk music.

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i am from the youth commitee from gurdwara nanaksar and would like to say that nothing of this sort did happen n we hadn't even planned there to be normal bhangra the suggestions some people had made were relegious songs howeverr in the end we even didnt play them. only one person objected etc is wrong to say as half the commitee members of the youth were not present at the meeting. this has been exagerrated tooo much and named as a bhangra bash when there was just going to be a relegioius song being played wen gatka was being shown. the quotes are wrong and do you people not think before you comment if you have the right facts??? i would like to ask if anyone knows who wrote this article in the first place to please let me know or gurdwara nanaksar on 80226464 so problems can be resolved


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bhenji i know people in southampton and i know a people not naming names who spoke to the committee harjap and he did say those very words to that persons face. its strange how the committee just wanna know who wrote it rather then address the current issues, Theres hardly any practicing sikh youth in southampton i remember when i came to southampton they all have chairs in the langar hall etc, and its very rare to see a gurdwara in the uk and india which practice that there no prachar or anything like there is in bham or london etc :( its sad people have to resort to this to get youth these day involved

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Wow...the Sikhs have really moved on, whereas the dreaded "older generation" who have to be 'educated' in Sikhi by the born again types today fought openly about Gurdwara Politics, the younger generation have gone one step further - establish a few hard and fast rules that suitably apply to them and then work each other up as the 21st century Bhai Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singhs and go out for all out war...

...for panthic matters of course...

...never for claiming control over the Gurdwara or Golak Money...no not at all!!!

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