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Fighting at Gurdwara - How to stop it


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On my way to the Gurudawara yesterday , I heard alot of cop cars passing by , low and behold when i reached the Gurudawara , the Police had blocked off the entire Road , there must be about 6-10 cop cars .

My Mrs and her sister also went to the Gurudawara and later told me , 2 AmriTDhari Sikhs , standing outside discussing revenge , yes revenge

One said to the other remember some time back I was in the Dharbar sahib and you pulled my beard ,.., well today i took revenge , ( he pulled the other guys beard yesterday ) and then said we are now equal , from now on you dont do anything to me and i wont to you.

Violence at this Gurudawra has happened before in the past , and again Police were at the scene.

The Question arises , how can this be stopped ?

What impression are we giving to our children and the outsiders ?

We protest when something bad is said about sikhi i.e. Taking Siri Guru Granth Sahib to Pubs / Clubs , banning plays etc

This time it is Amrit Dhari Sikhs Fihting amongst themselves and in the DharBar Sahib infront of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, should the same bans apply here ?

Please post your views ?

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Lets start cutting off the hands and tongues of those who do such sick biadbi of maharaj.. and then out of fear and respect nobody will do anything wrong or stupid

That is justifiable use of violence to protect the Guru and the Sikhi ! Infact as a true khalsa, shouldnt we be allowed to pass judgment as well as punish those who do wrong.

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Dynamic Banda , i think you are missing the point .

On one hand in a Gurudawa they preach , we should teach sikhi to our kids , practice sikhi , do part etc.. and on the other hand they are fighting ,

fighting in the Gurudawara in front of the Guru.

How will the youngsters adopt sikhi if all they see is elderly men pulling beards, knocking off their turbans , if a non-sikh came into the gurudawara and did this , i'm sure they would react differently.

How will we enhance the society and request for improvements if we are fighting amongst ourseleves ?

In this particular case the fighting was for power i.e. elections

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In my opinion fights will always occur, there are those people who avoid fighting like the sant lokh, and the scholarly guys. nirmalas and udhasis, but they usually seem to hindu to run gurdwaras, and those who are hot tempered and simple minded they end up running the gurdwaras. I dont think its people wanting to be anti panth or anti granth, just different people become passionate about different things.

When power is available to those who have no understanding of it, then of course stupidity will be the only manner in which they can resolve their differences.

Just look at what happened when George Bush became President !

Stupidity and power = Unneccesary Violence

Plus I think another major factor is that the Gurdwaras used be run by donations and by the sangat, now they are all funded by Lottery Fund or some other Government grant, new community centers are opened not with the sangat in mind but simply for the grants. Insted of facilities to enhace sangat integration and things for kids, the gurdwaras build massive wedding halls, its turned from a spiritual experience to a religious product, bottled and sold by the biggest and best corporation.

We need free Range Sikhi.. No more GM(Grant Maintained) Sikhi..

Thats my personal take on it though, others would argue the moneys there use it.. and we pay taxes, and the community centres are for the kids in the long run, and spending the goverments money is better then spending the sangats, and all that.. so maybe im wrong..

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