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My time in india with the Sants


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When i went to India at Christmas i was lucky to see so much in 10 days. I saw alot of mahapurkh and got given alot of words of wisdom. Here are photos of the great sants and dera i visited.

First of all in the below photo you will Sant Balbir Singh Ji of the Buddha Dal whos darshan we got to do at Fatehgarh Sahib during the Jor Mela. Baba Ji were very very pleasent to talk to and presented to myself and my father a blue dastar each that belonged to them.


The second photo is of Sr Maan Mahant Gazab Singh Ji of the Sewapanthi Ashram in Amritsar. They are the younger of two sants, the main Sant at the Ashram is Sant Surjit Singh Ji Revari Walae who were given the Mahant leadership of the Bhai Mani Taksal by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Sato Gali Walae. Sant Gazab Singh Ji were without pride, we did not realise they were sants initially as they sat with us praising sant surjit singh ji, then they personally made us langar and served us. Sant Ji gave me Sant Surjit Singh Ji's Steeks of the Bhavrasamrit, Vichar Mala, Gian Bhandar, Sarkutavali, Chanyaka Rajneetee and Gagar To Sagar, free before we left. Amazing seva i must say and steeks i would recommend to everyone to read.


The Third photo is of Sant Gurinder Singh Ji of Rara Sahib. Their dera is based close to Sri Kesgarh Sahib. They used to do Seva of Sant Kishan Singh Ji of Rara Sahib before they passed away in the early 90's they now do alot of parchar and are a credit to the lineage of Rara Sahib


The next photo is of Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Walae. Tehy took us to their house as we turned up late at night. Staying with them was brilliant they are full of knowledge and have just released their second book. They told us about the problems the Sikhs in canada face today with the rise of Kala afgana and his men diluting sikhism with lies. Baba Ji gave us the VCDs which we have put on the net. It was baba ji that asked me to do this seva of putting everything on the net for all to have access for free to audio video and literature. Baba Ji were working on a massive steek on the Raagmala in order to stop all of the conflict over the Bani. I have so much respect for them and always will.


The next photo is of Sri Maan Pandit Sant Jagjeet Singh Ji Harkhowalae, Baba Ji were brilliant and had just returned from a nagar keertan. When we arrived at Sultanpur Lodhi we found Baba Ji watering the crops in the fields, washing the clothes of all of the sevadaars and tending to the animals. We offered to do the work for them but they refused asking us to sit and eat langar while they finished their duty. Baba Ji presented me with computerised versions of the Suhail Parkash and Bhannu Parkash which i have posted on thsi forum and alot of other books and audio. They also want all of their things put on the net rather then having a third party make money from gurbani. Baba Ji are so knowledgeable i would recommend all going to learn from them. Great jewel of the nirmalas i think


Next is something special, Sant Mahadev who live in Bandala. They are a shish of Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt and are gur bhai of Sant Davinder SIngh Ji and Sant Sukha Singh Ji. They were born in Nepal and are of Chinese descent. Fantastic sadhu sants


The next photo is of Sant Salvinder Singh Ji of Bhikhi Sahib where are now the mahant of this dera due to the unfortunate passing of Sant Karam Singh Ji. Sant Salvinder Singh Ji are young but their keertan updesh is inspiring. They should be in the uk soon. Sant ji presented us with tapes of Sant Karam Singh Ji so that we could put the keertan updesh onto the net.


The next two are photos of the leader of the Buddha Dal, Akali Baba Santa Singh Ji who we met at the Jor Mela at Fatehgarh Sahib, Baba Ji have now aged alot and need to be helped by their devotees when the eat, sit up and walk. Baba Ji may be old aged but are still very much alert. Baba Ji presented myself with money and parsad along with a couple of tapes. Unfortunately not all nihangs are nice which i found and the tapes were taken back from me along with the cash as soon as i left Baba Ji's room by the nihangs waiting like robbers. The photos show Baba Ji with their helper, Baba Ji with me paying my respects to them and the third is of Nihangs in the room with Baba Ji.




The next is a photo of Sant Seva Singh Ji of Rampur Khera. When we found Baba Ji they were busy sweepng the floors in preperation for the bars of sant harnam singh ji. Baba Ji gave us lots and lots of literature which i hope to get ont he net soon along with about 30 MP3 cds of bhai pinderpal singh ji and Sant Hanam Singh Ji Rampur Khera walae, all of which will be on Gurmatveechar soon. Baba Ji does not allow anyone to touch their feet and are very strict. They have a library at the gurdwara where all audio and literature is distributed free. Great Seva for the panth by them


The next couple of pictures are of Sant Sukhchen Singh Ji. We went and visited them at their home. The area in which they live is poor and people go far to wells for water. There is no village gurdwara and baba ji are using all the money they get from katha abroad to make this. The phots show firstly baba ji, second Baba Ji with their horse, Third myself sitting on Baba Jis horse and the last one of the Gurdwara Baba Ji are builing for the vilage





Next is Sri Bhainee Sahib the main quarters of the Naamdharees. They were so happy to have us there and showed us the whole of the Gurdwara and area, we got to visit the Namdhari Guru Jagjit Singh who were humble and wise. They sat with us for some time and spoke to us. We were given VCD's and a woolen Mala each. Baba Ji also took us to the area where the Akhand Paatha take place, it is an area of complete purity where the paathis remain away from their partners, can only eat the food of the gurdwara and only drink the water from the well. No one can enter the area where the Akhand Paath is ongoing but due to the fact that we were not Namdharis were were allowed in to go and pay our respects in front of Maharaj. We also got to see the namdhar volleyball and hockey team. the hockey team is very highly regarded in india. One thing i will suggests to all is going for a simran session at the Har Ki Mandir at Sri Bhainee Sahib in the early morning it is blissfull all sitting together reciting the Gurmantar.

The three phots of Sri bhainee Sahib show initially the sarover which was ampty when we went. it is naturally filled with rainwater only. the other two phots show the akhand paaths of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji with Two Paathis also doing continuous paath of Sri Jap Ji Sahib.




Right a great place i will recommend all to go to is Nirmal Kuttiya in Taran Taaran which is the dera of Sant Davinder SIgnh Ji, They are the shish of Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt. Their katha is incredible and i was given 50 tapes which will be on gurmatveechar soon. The simran sessions here daily are similar to that of the Namdharis and each person who stays gets given their own little meditation hut like at Ratwara Sahib. Unfortunately at the time Baba Ji was in Canada. Their brother is Daljit Singh Nirmala in the UK who people can get audio and video of all nirmal sants from

The three photos of the dera are ttached. The first is a picture of the wall with photos of four sants, from left to right we have Sant Karam Singh Ji of Hoti Mardan, Sant Harnam Singh Ji Jian Walae, Sant Dalel Singh Ji Viakirt and Swami Parmanad Ji.


The second photo is of a female reading the Bani of Maharaj


The third is of Guru Gobind Singh Ji dressed as a Nirmala


The last two phots are of Sants at Rara Sahib, first being Sant Taja Singh Ji who are in charge of Rar Sahib Sant Ji are merged with God. They took over the seva of sant ishar singh ji in 1975. Sant Ji gave me the 151 divans of Sant Ishar Singh Ji which can now be found on gurmatveechar.com


The last photo is of the Sants who work in the langar Hall. They took over the seva from Sri Maan Sant Balwant Singh Ji who passed away last year. Sant Ji are the ones on the left of the photo. They gave me some sweets and CDs of Sant Balwant Singh Ji which will also be on the net.


There is so much more but i will save it for other posts. hope you enjoyed it.

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That is a brilliant post. You are really fortunaet to have darshan and updesh from so many saints. The tapes of Sant Isar Singh that you have put on gurmat veechar, was it not possible to compress the files at all before putting them on? The files are really big.

Boo yah to the nihangs taking the tapes of Baba SAnta Singh Ji.I would have loved to hear more katha from him. There is so little of Baba Ji on the net. WHY DINT YA HIDE THE TAPES IN YOUR KAMRKASA?


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Believe it or not the tapes of Sant Ishar Singh Je were compressed but i could not do it too much as it was messing with the quality.

I got a couple of mates out in india hopefully they will ge the tapes of Baba Santa Singh again so that they can be put on the net

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They are really really good. we stayed with them for a day, then they came to see us at home. they were busy helping dig a well at Rara Sahib at Anandpur. Baba Ji are now aging and walk with the use of a stick. They are Kharkoos at heart when you talk to them. They still hate political figures and do not like them doing speeches at gurdwaras.

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kam really nice post and pictures, one favor though, can you please send me pictures of mahapurpurh in this post orginal size, they are way too blurry and compressed? I ll upload all of them for you in our gurmarag host, if you can zip it and send it to me via yousendit.com - email- akaal108@gmail.com. Please do this favor, you got lot of pictures of great personality, and blurry /compressed pictures of them doesnt do justice at all.

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lol its a picture from Divali at Harmandir Sahib..

I liked it because it showed the beauty of the panth Sangata in the background walk around the parkarma sahib paying their respects (simple looking punjabis and women) and then an Akali Nihang singh performs his respect parkarma the Nihang way walking opposite to the rest, and thats not all as infront of him is a group of sadhus with their varying types of hair from matted to non, some in pink others in white all sitting together paying their respects sitting at the edge of the sarovar.

Sikhi is beautiful, when it allows its unity in diversity to shine bright.

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A great post!

As great as the photos are, the sight of Kam on a horse is just incredible!

I just want to add on the Sant Mahadev Singh thing that there is a tradition of Nirmalay being in Nepal (intially at the request of a King sometime back from what I remember)..a lot of Udasis go to Pashupatinath (a beautiful place outside Kathmandu) too for the Shiv thing no doubt.

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kam really nice post and pictures, one favor though, can you please send me pictures of mahapurpurh in this post orginal size, they are way too blurry and compressed? I ll upload all of them for you in our gurmarag host, if you can zip it and send it to me via yousendit.com - email- akaal108@gmail.com. Please do this favor, you got lot of pictures of great personality, and blurry /compressed pictures of them doesnt do justice at all.

kam you still there? :?

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