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Dear fellow God-seekers, I is back from Panjab after 3 weeks of getting bitten by mosquitoes and dust all over my clothes and body and getting travel sick etc , you get the picture. The first day i arived i saw a man stomping on a goat on the roadside. Saw lots of signs in badly spelt english. Saw very few young men wiv sabat surat. The best scene that i saw was a dal of about 20 nihangs going down Machiwara road wiv about 50 horses. really nice horses of different colours.

Anyway I went to Sangalwara Akhara and im afraid to say i was very dissapointed . when i went there , there were 4 babey stabnding to one side,and my friend asked is Guru Granth Sahib prakaash?

They said we only have Baba Sri Chands bani here. So we left after having a quick look around. Its a very small place. Didnt see anything about Sikhi there. I have only heard of Aarta by Baba Sri Chand, but have never heard of him revealing bani. Can anyone reveal more on Baba Ji's bani ? And is it looked on as divine scripture?

this dera is nothing like Baba Ishwar Das dera of Jalandhar.


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