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Gather at Hyde Park (Reformers Tree) from 11.30am

Remembrance March through Central London to Trafalgar Square between 1:30-3.00pm

Freedom Rally in Trafalgar Square between 3.00-5.00pm


Organised by: Federation of Sikh Organisations with the support of Gurdwaras and Sadh Sangat

*NEVER FORGET 84*[/align:932c5c6c94]

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To the Gurdwara Sahibs and Sadh Sangat of the United Kingdom,



SUNDAY 3rd JUNE 2007[/align:9d60b0080b]

We are writing to request your full support for this year's remembrance march and freedom rally that will be taking place in central London on Sunday 3rd June 2007. Sikhs will gather in Hyde Park from 11.30am and the remembrance march will begin at 1.30pm and conclude with a freedom rally in Trafalgar Square between 3-5pm.

The Federation of Sikh Organisations (FSO) takes responsibility for organising the event, but it very much relies on Gurdwaras and the Sadh Sangat to support all aspects of the event.

In the last few years the main member organisations of the FSO have encouraged younger Sikhs to take the lead in many areas of the event and introduce new ideas to attract young Sikhs and take our message to non-Sikhs. For example, in the last few years we have seen:

i) the use of an eye-catching open top coach with a sound system on route (2004)

ii) the use of larger and more effective banners (2004-2006)

iii) better and more professional literature to distribute along the route of the march (2004-2006)

iv) more non-Sikh speakers or Sikh speakers from abroad (2004-2006)

v) the use of a large video screen in Trafalgar Square (2006)

vi) younger Sikhs speaking in English (2004 – Hyde Park and 2006 – Trafalgar Square)

For the event to be a bigger success and the implementation of these ideas requires support from Gurdwaras and the Sadh Sangat. The following action points are suggested for Gurdwaras:

Action Point 1 - Please use the link below to download the poster and ensure it can be put up on large screens at Gurdwaras where they are available, as well as forums, e-groups, blogs and other websites:


Action Point 2 - It would be helpful if regular announcements could also be made at Gurdwaras about the 3rd June event and the availability of transportation (coaches, minibuses etc).

Action Point 3 - Posters and postcards should now be in Gurdwara Sahibs around the country. Please ring Bhai Kuldip Singh Chaheru, the FSO co-ordinator, if this is not the case. He is the best person to ring about the availability of posters and postcards - his mobile no is 07973 712872.

Action Point 4 - Give out individual postcards to Sikhs and encourage them at a personal level to attend.

Action Point 5 - Encourage families and young people in particular to attend the event in Trafalgar Square as this will be an educational experience.

Action Point 6 - If the Gurdwara operates a Panjabi school it should encourage as many youngsters as possible to attend with their parents and teachers at the school. This event should be seen as an annual 'field' trip as there will be many learning opportunities with the activities planned in Trafalgar Square. Therefore, where Gurdwaras have Panjabi school on Sunday, youngsters and teachers should be given the time off to attend this 'field' trip.

Action Point 7 - It would be good to see as many banners and placards as possible, therefore it is suggested that each coach organised by the Gurdwara should try and bring a couple of banners (one possibly with the Gurdwaras name) and 10 placards. Each minibus should try and bring one banner and 5 placards. The sandwich boards used by youngsters worked really well. Also please dig out all your banners from previous years. Banners and placards are a great way to generate awareness.

Action Point 8 - Make announcements at the Gurdwara regarding the event taking place on Sunday 3rd June and encourage the Sadh Sangat to take part in larger numbers and inform non-Sikhs of this important commemoration.

Action Point 9 - Arrange transportation for the local Sadh Sangat to take part in the commemoration and arrive in good time for the start of the event in Hyde Park.

Action Point 10 - Both prior to and after this important commemoration publicise the participation of Sikhs in the local newspapers and on local radio.

Action Point 11 - Contribute towards the costs. A breakdown of the expected costs will be provided to each Gurdwara Sahib. If you wish to sponsor a specific cost element of the event and have this acknowledged, this can be arranged e.g. advertisements.

-FSO Co-ordinator-

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**Message from Wolverhampton/Walsall for Sikhs in these and nearby areas. Please forward to Sangat in Wolverhampton/Walsall and potential appropriate areas close by**




ON SUNDAY 3rd JUNE 2007:

If you are from WOLVERHAMPTON, WALSALL or OTHER AREAS in the CLOSE PROXIMITY, and you would like to do 'Stewarding Sewa' on the day in Central London, in order to receive a 'Steward Jacket' and be briefed on the 'Stewarding Plan' by other Stewards who are taking on this Sewa, please arrive early at:

THE GURU NANAK SIKH TEMPLE (Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton)

no later than:



SUNDAY 3rd JUNE 2007

Any further information regarding 'Stewarding Sewa' (Wolverhampton/Walsall and other areas in proximity) contact: 07890 128 449

*Other Sangat attending the programme and leaving from Wolverhampton, please arrive at the same location for 8.30am*



General Stewarding Information:

07973 712872


07877 315993


07894 761875


07890 128449


07955 555840


07941 862580


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Satguru Fateh Singh it wasnt a field trip or a fun day out. What i saw and heard made me feel really bad. I wouldnt want it to happen to me and I wouldnt want it to happen to you either. Thousands of people have suffered and many continue to do so. To mock thier suffering is to invite durbhag for yourself. But for your information there were a few guest speakers who made a really presentation on the suffereing of the Sikhs since 1984.

Ridicule, Satguru Fateh Singh is not something that Bhai Ram Singh told you to indulge in. And as the new holder of the gurugaddi of Bhai Ram Singh I say Bhai Ram Singh is right.

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Dhan Dhan Aad Sri Guru Chatangranth Sahib ji Maharaj, please forgive my sins. I misunderstood the following in the article it seems. Please have daya and mercy upon me. I don't know how to read just like you before Gurmukh Singh gave Agya to Prehlad Singh to make you the eternal Guru since 1883..

Action Point 6 - If the Gurdwara operates a Panjabi school it should encourage as many youngsters as possible to attend with their parents and teachers at the school. This event should be seen as an annual 'FIELD' TRIP as there will be many learning opportunities with the activities planned in Trafalgar Square. Therefore, where Gurdwaras have Panjabi school on Sunday, youngsters and teachers should be given the time off to attend this 'field' trip.

Action Point 7 - It would be good to see as many banners and placards as possible, therefore it is suggested that each coach organised by the Gurdwara should try and bring a couple of banners (one possibly with the Gurdwaras name) and 10 placards. Each minibus should try and bring one banner and 5 placards. The sandwich boards used by youngsters worked really well. Also please dig out all your banners...

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yes but the way you portray field trip like we were all going for a fun day out. The " field trip" was so that as many of the youths who know little about this and how it still affects many people would have some understanding of what hapened in 84 and how it still afects us now.

I could go on a field trip to Bhaini and you would think i was going for a picnic with Bhai Jagjit Singh wouldnt you?

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No admin cut... because not everyone thinks a field trip is a picnic like u or the brainless drones like u do.. Sikhs go on field trips to various Gurdwaras all the time to do 'good deeds' like Kar Sewa, read Path and do Naam Simran, learning about their history and providing Langar to everyone etc.. u obviously have been too busy being sad, angry and miserable to do any of that and cannot even hold a conversation without using ur low-class clownish jokes of directly insulting others' respected figures... what a moron.. u and that other clown from the Islam thread that's after Javanmard should go jump in a well.. its ppl like u that give ppl material to make 'Sardarji' jokes

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No Satguru Fateh Singh... becasue not everyone thinks of riduculing everyone all the time in thier hankaar like you do...SIkhs go on fields trips to various gurdwaras all the time to do good deeds like kar sewa, read Path and do Naam Simran, learning about their history and providing Langar to everyone etc.. u obviously have been too busy being sad, and full of yourself to do any of that and cannot even hold a conversation without using ur low-class clownish jokes of directly insulting others' respected figures... what a moron.. u and those like yourself should go jump in a well.. its ppl like u that give ppl material to make 'Sardarji' jokes .

We were there to learn about our history . the bloody history of 1984, and so were many other Sikhs , so why do you think that we should not be angry and sad?

Why should we be happy? Look at your typical response to this post. And when I say soemthing that you dont like, you feel it dont you? Are you the only human here, and the rest of us dont have any feelings for our own or other peoples pain? Or sympathy for people who's lives were afected because of indirasur's hatred?

Were you sad or angry after reading the massacre of namdhari at malerkotla? or should i say that you lot got what you deserved?

The govt of that time said you were terrorists then so should we call you terrorists? Are you or your people terrorists Satguru Fateh Singh?


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To be honest, akalisodhi you are chatting breeze if you think that no-one bows down to those who died in the past centuries.

Dont we bow down to the memorial of Baba Deep Singh at Darbar Sahib, or the funeral place of all the sikhs at fatehgarh sahib where over 7000 Sikh died to conquer sirhind? or the gurdwara of Bhai Moti Ram who's family was killed because he did sewa of Guru Ji. How manymore do you want?

On the shaheedi divas of the sahibzade people turn out in their thousands to commemorate the shaheedi , have you never seen it akalisodhi?

I must keep it simple, as i am a simpleton, and complex arguments are of no use, when the point i am making is simple. Is this complex enough for you?


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[align=center:65ac588526]…Some very good photography from the


being added on…





(…Photographs from the Wednesday 6th June 2007 Remembrance Vigil outside the Indian High Commission are also on there…)[/font:65ac588526][/align:65ac588526]

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I went to London Hype Park, for the remembrance walk that happens every year. This was my first time so I didn't know what to expect.

When we first arrived I was gob smacked by the sea of oranges, white, blue Singhs and Singniya. I'd never seen so many Sikh's in my life! When the walk started I was slightly nervous and felt uneasy because everyone around me was Amrit darri. I wanted to my fight for freedom also but felt like I couldn't because I felt embarrassed. I stood out in a crowd of Gurmurks. I wished I could be more like them.

After a while I walked along side some rather passionate Singhs and I really felt their love and anger for the fight for freedom. There was SO much sangat, I was amazed! Totally blown away by everyone.

The end of walk came in Trafalgar square, where the Panj Payre stood on the stage and speeches where made. Screen videos were shown that brought tears to my eyes. Although I knew I about what happened to Sikhs in 84, I learnt a lot more about the Indian government and how they cheated Sikhs. Innocent victims tortured and killed, it made me feel distress. I could now understand why it's so important to show people our history, Sikh history. A lot of non Sikhs saw the videos and stopped and listened to speeches made by various people.

All in all, it ended with adrass. It's a concidence that on the coach to the rally I learnt the power of adrass. During the adrass I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw women, children, and men. I could feel the power, the concentration from everyone. I felt over whelmed and proud to be amongst such devoted people. I would defiantly go again next year.

Please note I'm not educated is Sikhi, im trying my best to learn more. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone, it was not my intension.

Fateh penji

it was also my firt ever time, and it really did open my eyes more, and i was blessed also with the darshan of chardikala sikhs and it was just udescribable,..................i think i wil never miss it again and urge more ppl to be there, i think we shud bear in mind what its all about, the screen was a good idea , it was relly touching watching the videos............ well done everyone who made it

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[align=center:29b79e2800]Federation Of Sikh Organisations UK

106, East Park Road, Leicester LE5 4QB


[align=left:29b79e2800]3rd June 2007[/align:29b79e2800]

The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair,

Prime Minister,

10 Downing Street,


Dear Prime Minister,

[align=center:29b79e2800]UK Sikh Community calls on the British Government to act on the

23rd Anniversary of India's Military Attack on the Golden Temple, Amritsar.[/align:29b79e2800]

You will be aware, that despite the failure to date of the international community to respond to

the outrage of India's military assault on the Sikhs in Amritsar in June 1984, the UK's Sikh

community continues to commemorate those lives which were so tragically lost. In order to

suppress an exemplary movement for greater autonomy, the Indian army sealed off Punjab,

expelled the international media and used tanks and artillery to attack the centre of Sikhism,

killing thousands of pilgrims. That attack forced the Sikhs to struggle to secure independence in

order to protect their nation and homeland. India has resorted to committing genocide, carrying

out crimes against humanity and political suppression to crush that freedom movement.

Whereas these criminal acts of the Indian state have been condemned by international human

rights bodies it is now incumbent on the international community to instigate criminal

proceedings to hold India to account for the gross abuses it has carried out as a matter of state

policy. Once again, thousands of us have demonstrated here in London today in order to call for

that international action. We call upon you - even in your last days in office - to speak out against

these atrocities and back our demand for action. It is never too late to do the right thing and you

will hopefully be able to take this opportunity to do so.

An ethical foreign policy – once a proudly made claim of your Government – surely cannot be

evidenced by your Government's refusal to engage with British Sikhs in respect of this bloody

episode and their related humanitarian concerns. We attach copies of our Memoranda to you,

delivered to your official residence, on 1st June 2003, 6th June 2004, 12th June 2005 and 4th June

2006. None of these have received a substantive response. Britain's Sikhs are rightly offended by

this frankly dismissive attitude of your Government.

When copies of these documents were personally presented to the Foreign Secretary on 10th

November 2006, she was clearly embarrassed by this state of affairs. Her office has since

claimed that she mislaid the documents and so is unable to respond. Whilst there may be a

consequence for the Labour Party in those constituencies where Sikhs will use their franchise

wisely, it is clearly not in Britain's national interest to be so cavalier in dealings with a sizeable

and important minority community such as the Sikhs. It is perhaps not surprising that there is

such a discrepancy between Britain's foreign policy and the expectations of its citizens.

We do hope that your successor, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, will ensure that our concerns

and grievances are addressed. We are copying this letter to him and request that he arranges a

meeting between us and the relevant minister at the Foreign Office once his new ministerial team

takes over. Our concerns remain as set out in the attached copy Memoranda but we would make

specific mention of a number of key issues which we believe the British Government should take

up and which we would want to address at that meeting, including:

· Sikhs (even a British Sikh recently arrested and tortured in police custody in Punjab)

continue to face politically motivated persecution in India.

· Those who are guilty of the massive human rights abuses of the 1980s and 1990s against

the Sikhs (including the pogroms of November 1984 in Delhi and elsewhere) are

protected by the state, rather than punished for their crimes. It is almost a daily

occurrence that police atrocities are being exposed in Punjab (innocent people having

been killed and secretly cremated by police officers claiming rewards for eliminating

'militants'), yet the guilty officers remain in place and maintain the terror of those dark


· Even today, Amnesty International and the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture are denied

access to Punjab.

· Free speech is not respected – Sikh leaders who call for the Sikh Nation to be able to

freely exercise, in accordance with international law and using exclusively peaceful

means, its right of self-determination in the Sikh homeland are routinely arrested and

charged with sedition.

These are clear examples of abuses which can and should be raised as part of the dialogue with

India. A review of British Government policy concerning relations with India is needed. This, in

our submission, should be based on a clear link between Indian compliance with internationally

accepted standards of human rights and British Government aid and trade policies.

In addition, Britain should not support India's claim for a permanent seat on the UN Security

Council, whilst it oppresses nations such as the Sikhs, Kashmiris, Nagas, Assamese, Manipuris,

Bodos and others. These nations are now working together politically to defeat the imperialism

which has been imposed on them by the use of force, and at the cost of democratic legitimacy.

India has started and continues a nuclear arms race in South Asia. Neither its internal nor its

external actions merit a permanent seat and it is instead vital for the international community to

retain scope for the effective diplomatic and political pressure that will be lost by such a move.

Both Gordon Brown and you will also be aware that the Indo-Sikh conflict remains unresolved.

As the architect of the peace process in Ireland, we trust you recognise the need to address the

causes of the conflict, not just the manifestations of conflict. The underlying problem in Punjab

is that the Sikhs, as a nation, have been forcibly denied their right to self-determination. Some

200,000 Sikhs have been killed in India since 1984 in an attempt to crush a legitimate freedom

struggle. The Sikhs are a proud and determined nation; having freely determined, at its national

gathering (Sarbat Khalsa) in January 1986, to establish a sovereign Sikh state of Khalistan in

Punjab, it has been suppressed by force. No solution to the conflict can be secured without the

Sikh right to self-determination being recognised and respected. The UK Government should,

given its colonial responsibility for the region and its peoples, encourage India to comply with its

obligations under the1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which confirms

that self-determination is accepted as the bedrock of human rights.

We would, in addition to a formal acknowledgement of receipt of this Memorandum, welcome a

commitment from the UK Government to address the issues set out herein, issues that have been

seriously neglected over recent years. We also hope to hear from your successor so that we can

contribute more fully to a new and much needed dialogue over matters of great concern to UK


Yours sincerely,

Gurmej Singh Gill

Balbir Singh

Amrik Singh Gill

Manmohan Singh Khalsa

Gurdev Singh Chohan

Avtar Singh

Amrik Singh Sahota, OBE

[align=center:29b79e2800](The representatives of the UK Sikh groups making up the Federation of Sikh Organisations, UK)

COORDINATORS and Correspondence Contacts:

Kuldip Singh and Joga Singh

c/o Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, 106, East Park Road, Leicester LE5 4QB[/align:29b79e2800]

cc Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Rt Hon Margaret Beckett, Foreign Secretary.


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[align=center:33dce1ffc6]A NEWS ITEM:



Key Announcements Made By Sikhs At Freedom Rally

The Sikh Federation (UK) the main organisers of the remembrance march and freedom rally has in the past 12 months been putting together an international Sikh coalition to help deliver justice and freedom for the Sikh Nation. At the Freedom Lobby in Trafalgar Square the Federation made the following three key announcements.

Three key announcements at the Freedom Rally

1984 Justice & Freedom Centre – Establishment of an international centre to increase awareness of the atrocities committed against the Sikhs since 1984 and promote the campaign for Sikh freedom and the creation of an independent sovereign Sikh State. Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation said: 'We are setting up the centre to take our campaign of raising awareness and our need for freedom to another level'.

Database of Wanted Human Rights Violators - Launch of a comprehensive database of all Indian police officers, army personnel and politicians involved in crimes against humanity, such as the torture and genocide of Sikhs. As Sikhs have been unable to get justice in India this database of wanted human rights violators will be used to make Europe, Canada, USA and other parts of the world no-go areas for what Sikhs regard as 'war criminals'. Bhai Amrik Singh said: 'These torturers must realise Sikhs are putting in place a comprehensive database that will be supported by a coalition of Sikh lawyers that will mean wanted human rights violators will not be able to escape justice when they leave the safety of India".

World Summits to promote the vision of an independent sovereign Sikh State – The first World Summit will be taking place in the UK later this year and will be followed by summits in the USA and Canada. These will discuss different aspects of the international political strategy of the Sikh Nation and will also be linked to progress at international events, such as, the World Sikh Lobby at the United Nations and the Sikh Freedom Lobby in the European Parliament.

Gurjeet Singh

National Press Secretary, Sikh Federation (UK)


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  • 2 weeks later...

[align=center:4c0b57e913]Like previous years, he has taken some nice Photographs..........


sunday, sikhs from across britain came to hyde park for the annual march organised by the sikh federation to remember the severe damage inflicted by heavy artillery, tanks, and helicopters and the massacre of sikh civilians by indian government forces during the attack on the golden temple in amritsar in 1984.

the sikhs demand an independent state of khalistan, which would incorporate the current indian and pakistani states of punjab as well as some nearby areas.

after the speeches, the sikhs marched off to trafalgar square, led by five pure khalsa. behind them were perhaps ten thousand sikhs, making a long and colourful procession.

it was a hot afternoon, and unlike most of those in the march i'd been working in the sun while most of them had the sense to rest under the trees. so i left the march at hyde park corner and went home.

(see pictures using the link above)[/font:4c0b57e913][/align:4c0b57e913]

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Dear Nirvair Khalsa,

Thank you for keeping us uptodate on this. I didn't know they wanted Pakistani Punjab too.

I do have some questions specifically for you though;

I don't mean to be rude, but isn't this the strangest of fantasies? I mean we're all united in recognising the flaws in indian democracy (either it should have never given concessions, or become more openly federal), but exactly which international bodies politically do you feel would be able to succuor such a homeland?

In the current political climate in Pakistan (Balouchistan for example), and India (Kashmir, Nagaland)...and then the international situation with UN, NATO, UK, EU and US governments all seen as co-conspirators in their attacks on a) the Islamic world B) trying to hinder India's rise to being a super-power (G8 being an example of the antagonism)....do you think they would give any such demands any serious consideration now or any time in the near future?

It strikes me that there is an immense amount of naivety and ignorance about global and internal politics in these declerations and demands...so why keep making them? Surely a more toned down drive for increased federalism should be made, and if so it could only be done within the Punjab political system don't you think?

Many of the young Khalistanis in the UK seem to have little or no understanding of a) the reality of Punjab politics B) broader Indian political history c) global politics d) international bodies and their relations. Surely if this is a serious movement, all young Khalistanis should be feverently studying politcal history and know their facts?

Which reminds of one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a gurdwara. once in a Gurdwara event I went to, one bloke from Southall (who I presume is involved in one of these groups somewhere) did a talk about Khalistan...in english. He clearly knew a few political things and eventually came out with the slogan of the french revolution 'Fraternite, egalite, liberte' in a really bad french accent..I was moved to tears...and all these aunties and uncles sat there not understanding a word he was saying, chatting to each other.

I digress, but I'm interested to hear some actual serious ideological and political discussion other than 'Punjab's messed up man' or 'you can't even say the word Khalistan in India without being arrested' both untrue.

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punjab is messed up man...

are they seriously asking for pakistani punjab as well? that's pretty crazy...

maybe it's all just a tactic to keep the dream and memory alive? surely they must realise that they have no chance of getting either through peaceful protest in another country.

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