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  1. Singh123456777

    Sikhi Guidance

    Sanchain are volumes of guru granth sahib ji and steeks give meanings and arths of gurbani.
  2. Tbh, bhagat singhs art is pretty crap. I like harjinder singh sunner soo much better
  3. I love ya bro. You are badass
  4. For amritdhari khalsas(which i know you are not) Mata Sahib Devan is the sole mother.
  5. There might be a video of baba ji doing kirtan here in Toronto. He also did kirtan at the nagar kirtan as well.
  6. Singh123456777

    Banda Singh Bahadur

    According to panth parkash he was a sikh but later faltered and strayed from the path. In the end he saw his mistakes and repented.
  7. Singh123456777

    Sikh Astrologer

    I had three family members die and one brutally tortured from 1984-1990 so you can shut your fuckin mouth you little shit.
  8. Thats why the Khalsa is called Surya Vanshi. And secondly, all were descended from rhagu vansh which included ram chandar.
  9. Are you retarded? I think you are! Mata Sahib Devan was the mother of the Khalsa! Every amritdhari is told that the father is Guru Gobind Singh Ji and mother is Mata Sahib Devan Ji. Mata Ji actually did a lot after Guru Gobind Singh Ji went to Sachkhand. It was because Mata Ji cursed Banda Bahadur, that Banda Bahadur lost his shakti etc. Read a book on Mata Ji and you will understand.
  10. Singh123456777

    Sikh Astrologer

    So you question the hukam of akaal purkh?
  11. Singh123456777

    Wussification of Men

    White men dont have balls to do shit
  12. Singh123456777

    Viewing Husband as God (with evidence)

    We are all created different physically and due to that men and women are not equal. There is a bit of equality regarding the soul(atma), but again it depends on the souls avastha. Another thing is, Sikhi is not vegan. No way will it ever be vegan.
  13. Singh123456777

    Viewing Husband as God (with evidence)

    Tbh, a lot of men these days are pussy ass bitches who dont even deserve to be called men.
  14. Singh123456777

    Sikh Astrologer

    This was all maharajs hukam. I knew of Sants and Mahapurkhs who knew this was gonna happen, but due to Maharajs hukam they could not do anything. There was a sakhi of Bhagat Fareed Ji, where he saw a dam that was about to break and spread its water in the pind and kill people. He told the wall to stay standing, but maharaj told him that the wall breaking is all in hukam. So he then left the wall like that.