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  1. Looks like it would destroy your ego if you go see someone who actually has real knowledge, campared to you. Thats why you dont want to see Gyani ji or Baba Ji, cause your ego would get bruised
  2. Currently the student of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji is in Toronto. baba baldev singh jogewala is here for some time now. Go and ask your questions to him
  3. You live in brampton so you can meet the santheya ustad at malton Bhai Surjeet Singh Ji. He is really amazing. There are many other santheya ustads in brampton as well such as Bhagat Jaswant Singh Ji etc. Doing kojh by themselves is not bad but it is much easier to learn many concepts when a person has a vidya ustad. So please go and actually learn from somebody cause a vidya ustad can give you insight on many things.
  4. Why dont you talk to an actual ustad from the nirmaley or taksal? Instead of coming to conclusions by yourself
  5. Yea but guru sahib also created taksal as well as the nirmala samprda to teach sikhs this.
  6. If you read zafarnama you would see how guru sahib has used words like zazza etc. Kadi dasam di bani vi parlo
  7. Singh123456777

    Singh and Gun (video game project)

    If you think i like art of punjab, you are mistaken. His art is horrible. You are is slightly better than his, but not leaps and bounds greater. I understand that artists are underpayed, but those artists are not having an epiphany like you, who thinks that this is your goal in life. If this was your goal in life from Vaheguru then you should be giving these paintings for free. The other artists are not saying that this is their purpose in life, you are. And thats why i have a problem.
  8. Yes obviously gurbani has words from different languages, but a dadda does not sound like a zazza. If guru sahib wanted to have the sound of a zazza he would have used a zazza. Read zafarnama and see how guru sahib utilized those farsi words
  9. Singh123456777

    How Sikhs are so rich and wealthy?

    Im have probably 70 bucks in my bank account right now lol
  10. Singh123456777

    Singh and Gun (video game project)

    He was sargun saroop of waheguru so it wasnt just after he went into the water that he recieved “his purpose in life” Guru sahib was doing it from day 1 Nah, i like another artists painting more, but he too charges an arm and leg.
  11. Singh123456777

    Singh and Gun (video game project)

    Um, painting is good and all, but its not a purpose. Akaal purkh only wants a person to do bhagti and bhagti alone. Nothing else matters. So nobody has a purpose in this world, except to do bhagti. Also charging an arm and leg for one painting is not sikh values
  12. Have you read his book? I have read bits and pieces and he has completely lost the point. He is saying that singhs used to live near brothels so they can have sex etc and a whole lot of other bullshit
  13. Guru nanak dev ji said that a sikh is one who keeps kes. Bhai bala ji janam sakhi
  14. Singh123456777

    Amrit Sanchar

    There will be an amrit sanchar on sunday at malton gurdwara