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  1. This is it! Keep going. Back in the day, me and Sat could never get positive confirmation if we were hearing the right thing or not. It was one long juggle between yes and no' that went on for months. Happy to save you this frustration and verify that it's the correct direction.
  2. with these super-foods, you have to be a little careful from overseas products. Many indian imports have been found to contain levels of mercury, lead and arsenic. I usually try and go for USDA, organic and Non-GMO certified labels wherever possible.
  3. sounds good! Yes, this could be vascular/pulsatile tinnitus phenomena as you say and it could also be coming from jugular-carotid area (what Dr. told me) However, you're only beginning to hear it since you are internalizing more. I've never been too sure because I was also told that they were pavan-shabads. Now, the same type of shabads manifest and repeat themselves later in sunn as anhad. References in gurbani for "chauri" fly-brush will give some clues. At this stage, I wouldn't get too wrapped up on whether they are physiological sounds or pavan shabads. Maybe a bit of both? just keep attention on jap and shabad and get prep'd for drinking amrit ras. Many sounds are heard between pavan shabads(as per chakras) and akash tat. As you ascend and go past the akasj tat you have to break through a barrier called "dhaval". This is akin to earth's outer surface at which gravity acts. Goal is to keep going and break past this into the sunn. For now, you are hearing faint shabad, and the more you go antarghat, the closer you'll start to get. The frequencies will change until you are at a stage when it is 24/7. Good efforts are leading to kirpa. Keep going!
  4. Good stuff. I usually take this in smoothies but mostly in the summer. Ashwaganda has many properties and it's effective at lowering cortisol levels. This is both with cortisol level high due to physical demand(working out) and non-physical psyche(stress). Good sleeping you've noticed makes sense because if you had higher cortisol levels then sleep pattern would be disrupted. I've not particularly noticed the 'more alert' with myself but that's probably because i have other things for brain and focus. However, since you have noticed it, then i would utilizee that property and take dose prior to workouts to help maintain focus-stamina and also post workout or muscle pumps in order to help with muscle recovery. Ashwaganda also helps boost testosterone levels so it will help reap positive results, especially for over 40's men.
  5. Good. As Sat says above, these are correct. The jerk/jhatka is from your surti try to leave and connect into sunn. Sometimes, you may get a sudden feel as if you were "falling" downwards or may sense that you kind of tripped to a descent or fell. <<- This is when surti has risen upwards to akash tat or above and wasn't able to get further. It descends back down all of a sudden. There are physiological explanations for all of these on basis of muscle contractions(troponin & tropomysin), movement of ions like Ca and Mg at muscle level and Na, K at neurological ...as you will be aware in medical field.... but the truth is that Sukham actions/subtle behavior ----> leads to physiological changes AND vice versa. Do more saas saas and antarghat simran. The faint sound you hear will start opening up LIsten to this inner voice. Try to identify it. It doesn't come by thinking. It comes from letting go and not using the mann. The mann always calculates to reach a solution for ego. When you step out of this network you can connect to the "aatmic' voice. It takes practice but you begin to understand if decisions/choices are hukam or manmat(mind calculated).
  6. I think this may be because your mann's eye is separating and awaking compared to the physical eyes that we are accustomed to. There was a similar question to Bhai Simranjeet last week about someone who saw pair of eyes in vision. Now, i do recall experiencing this a long time ago and there were also some other member that questioned this in the past. Bhai sab said that it was your mann's eyes looking at your very own....He said not to worry they weren't anyone elses eyes but your own. .....mann is getting jagat, purified, awakened.
  7. I think I know what you mean... They start off small from distance and get bigger as if you moving into them or may appear as if waves are coming towards you. ALSO, the opposite can occur and they may appear bigge and get smaller. Appears as if they moving away from you ? Let me know if it's this?
  8. In future, please clarify from where the extract is copied and pasted from. Above is from book "Longing loving for Truth" by Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala
  9. I know it's a post from last year. I don't recall coming across it, but yes, I can give a few pointers if interested. After 40, the workout regime has to change for males. Especially if you want to maintain or want an even stronger and fitter body. If you find that doing lunges, deadlifts, shoulder press, bench press is not giving results like it may have done years ago, then the answer is "testosterone". Change diet and add nutrients especially, Vitamin D3 high dose, Magnesium, Zinc, D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek, Boron, Vitamin K1 and K2,,......to name a few. Also recommend plenty of ginger(daily), coconut oil, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, greens, beans,. Avoid soy at all costs and limit fried foods, flaxseed and all processed junk. Need to spend more time pumping and doing compound exercise with weights. Keep intense cardio workouts a minimum and don't slog it out on cardio if trying to warm up prior to lifting and pulling. the diet and workout approach should yield positive results within a couple of months. I say this because my body reactions and recovery are quite slow, but within 2 months my invisible six pack started appearing. I've also started to take citrulline malate prior to workouts as it boosts nitrous oxide and blood flow.
  10. Satsriakal ji . I hope you find answers to help clear doubts Yes, we want to go upwards from mooldhara. There is a lot of dormant energy there and the idea is to direct it upwards. This technique is good also and makes sure that the "flow' is upwards. I've come across a few people that have successfully got to anhad using this technique...so give it a try and see how you get on. Personally, I used the saas graas "wahe" in and "guru" out technique. I wrote some detailed instructions some years ago on the meditation thread if you've come across it. Mooldhara- I'll give you my personal understanding from learning and experience. I don't recommend putting dhyian there, if anything, you could start with putting a little awareness on the navel as per saas graas instructions at first. This helps during first stages when the sevak is trying to build a repetitive maan-dhan habit for doing simran. Once you get going, then the dhyian should be on the dhun of gurmantar only whilst doing saas graas... Hope that clarifies a little.
  11. Very good bhenji. I'm glad you are progressing and things are making more sense Also, on this note of sleep;... I've been wearing a fitness tracker for quite a few months that tracks stages of sleep as well as many other things. I noticed that when going into deep meditation/sunn, it logs as 'deep sleep' stage. Normally this stage comes after some time spent in REM and light sleep. I was amazed to notice that at times of going into instant abyaas with seconds/minutes of rom rom; the sleep graph will display a sudden dip from awake stage--to--> deep sleep mode. Now, on nights when i'm trying to go to sleep and do so by stopping vichaar with antarghat simran, it will also exhibit a rapid jump from awake--> deep sleep The other thing I found outstanding was that on these nights, my level of deep sleep is always way above the benchmark of 12-18%. This aim of going into sunn at sleep time is recommended and you will also find that you will wake up fully refreshed with less than 5 hours average sleep.
  12. I think naad refers to the divine word. This where the ringing or deep humming originates from. It's the single ek shabad that made creation and is present in everything and everywhere. Anhad bani is difficult to explain but may be easier to understand as the gyan coming through and from the naad. It is the bani, that has no akaar , that one hears via the naad. Just like the bani in sri guru granth sahib that gives us gyan via akhar(words), the anhad bani has no letters or words. If that makes sense?
  13. Thanks for that and I totally agree. One is only able to attempt this successfully after shabad dhun has increased in depth and frequency. (more taeijh).
  14. Very good demonstration that i was pleased to see. The above "core-self" is a very good place to sit your surti . Highly recommended when trying to get deeper into naad.
  15. Very important. The affinity develops with practice and you won't feel or realize anything unless you make efforts to get closer.
  16. Have a look through the below..... and
  17. well done. Practice rom rom technique as suggested in following posts. You are heading in the right direction.
  18. Sure. I know it can be confusing because it depends on what stage you are at and exactly what you're hearing. There's nothing wrong with the text from the book but it can easily be misunderstood. The idea is to listen to initial sound to get going, and then locate the other very subtle sounds in background.. If you still having confusion, then I can advise via pm according to what i tried and practiced at particular stage.
  19. Well done! Keep it up. Having lights off(artificial), is quite beneficial imo. I'd recommend keeping yourself physically busy on topof all this, and applying "dhyian"(focus) where it concerns your body and physique. Things like venting out anger on a punch bag, pushing yourself at the gym etc. Focus on diverting attention from the strain of last few reps and going beyond. Make your own mental goals as you go along as this will give more strength in preventing a 'dreaded' relapse back to liquor.
  20. @moorakh, I totally second what Sat1176 has explained above. Whether you should think of sleep as a hindrance or not, is difficult to justify. According to my own experience, I reckon that some of us may assume we are falling asleep, but in fact, we are rising into deeper states. I'm no expert on sleep, but i can give a few pointers for you to look into.... - If you drift off into dream state, then this is mostly Maya. I'm referring to doing simran whilst sat up with back straight. Doing simran whilst lying down is something I could discuss in the future. For yourself, at this stage, i would pay attention to what happens exactly when you think you're falling asleep? 1) You're head may droop forward, but if you're back and posture is giving way, then a) you are probably going into dream state-maya or b) you're prana flow isn't strong enough. OR 2) if you are drifting and can maybe hear things in background, and not losing your asan, AND gurmantar is still going, ..then you are most likely going towards the dreamless void(eventually). From what I remember, this stage was rather confusing because i was never sure if i were asleep or in deeper consciousness. IMO, i'd say to continue going deeper into your simran if you are encountering this. Just keep checking that your gurmantar was still going. The tricky part is that you'll only be able to confirm this once you are back and fully awake (disassociated). This was the approach that i was using at the time, even though I wasn't sure, but It helped in progressing further. I hope that gives you better understanding. Really, you don't wanna overthink it too much either but just keep focus on gurmantar. If sleep comes, and you really feel inclined to get under the duvet, then do so. Otherwise, just continue and assess after the session. Before hearing naam, you're mind will go through a number of intermediary stages. It's all about 'cleansing' the mann. In time, you will learn that there is much more to sleep and how a gurmukh remains jagath 'an-din' (day-night). I'm not going to say too much on those topics or how it's possible, because it will probably be confusing.
  21. Valuable tips. Doing Simran and feeling tired is a good thing. There is a very fine line between drifting into sleep/dreamless sleep and sunn. With practice, you will be able to recognize the difference.
  22. Excellent! Clear and concise explanations. I like the manner in which he clarifies by being sure everyone understood and using examples.
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