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  1. Great thanks for clarifying, the anhad are on and off so the mind needs more cleansing which is hard as everyone is home and we get disturbed( my daughter is ahead of me as she zones out and sees twinkles floating then hears bells. )I just get a weird sensation where my body feels really relaxed then I fall asleep , but it’s relaxing and my head vibrates. I guess we need more gurmantar abhayas.
  2. Thank you Sat for clarifying. So it’s like law of attraction where if you keep thinking of something you make it reality (joe Dispenza talk a lot of how you create your own reality so train your mind to think positive things)?
  3. I find it very inspiring and motivating when people talk about their experiences and spiritual status. Why do people keep it so secretive? I find as a mother my self I tell my daughter my experiences and she talks about hers as it’s a learning process and we are beginners who are confused at times about what we feel . Thank you for sharing and asking as it’s a question I has as well do we lose our avasta if we talk about what we hear or feel?
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