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Mahakaal 96 Cror Akali Brahmgyani Nihung Baba Santa Singh Ji

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Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fat-heh


Jathedar Singh Sahib Baba Santa Singh Ji

96 Crore Singh Sahib Baba Santa Singh, the 13th Jathedar was born in 1928. Son of Sardar Baghwan Singh and his mother Pritpal Kaur, belongs to the village Kila Miya Singh (Distt. Gujranwala, now in Pakistan). At the age of 10, he joined Budhadal and served it under the leadership of Baba Chet Singh Sahib. He started a printing press at Guru Da Bagh, at Ananadpur Sahib to propegate the message of Guru(s). He got published many religious literature(s) and distributed them among the common people, free of cost. Now all publications are printed from Patiala. He has started, a monthly magazine (rasala) of Nihang's (Nihang Singh Sandesh).

He was actively involved in getting a factory started in Patiala that is making various types of shastras for the entire Nihang community. Factory makes Swords and Bhala's (Zepline). He appreciates and supports all the technically qualified persons, who comes for the help. Many Gurudwaras and Sarovars are also being constructed under the able guidance of him. He has kept the old saying of the gurus by providing Langar to the general public at various gurduwaras under a very soothing environment. He has bought many acres of land to serve his own community as well.

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They appointed Baba Surjeet Singh as their successor 2 years ago.

Someone named Balbir Singh was kicked out of Budha Dal in the 1990s rejoined 2 years ago, took over the seva of Baba Santa Singh and in Baba Jis ill health had him thumb print all of budha dals land, money and other properties over to Balbir Singh. Balbir Singh has a small handful of family members supporting him and hundreds of police and army personel protecting him.

Baba Surjeet Singh has currently been forced underground and the Singhs united under the leadership of Baba Joginder Singh. Balbir Singh will take the land and money of Budha Dal. Baba Joginder Singh will keep the maryada of Budha Dal and have full backing of all Singhs to become the next Panth Patshah.

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this topic is being discussed on sikhsangat.


also im copying a post and i would like your opinion on the line that is qutoed.

So some Nihangs took part in the movement, does that mean that their actions were in line with Budha Dal policy of Santa Singh or against it. Considering all the bukwas that Santa Singh mouthed about Sant Bhindranwale as well as the SGPC there's no doubt that any Nihang taking part in the movement was going against Santa Singh's orders. Santa Singh for years had security provided by the CRPF. So much for the so-called Panth Patishah!!

There were three Mukh Gadars in 1984, Santa Singh, Zail Singh and Buta Singh. All were given tankah. Does that mean that we should forgive their actions? Zail Singh signed the order that authorised the army to kill thousands on Sikhs during operation Bluestar. Buta Singh was the jholichuk of Gandhi who went around looking for any Sikh leader to support the government action and undertake the Sarkar Sewa. Santa Singh stabbed the Panth in the back by his actions. Before Santa Singh sold his soul to Indira Gandhi and brought his Nihangs into the mix, there were only a few congressi Sikhs on the government side. The rest of the Panth was united. After Santa Singh's gadari, other gadars came forward such as Longowal, the Badal, KPS Gill etc.

A split Panth is Santa Singh's legacy to us.

As for the Tankah, if KPS Gill stage manages a pesh through Badal and is forgiven for his actions by just doing a few Japji Sahib paths, does this mean that it will be ok for Sikhs then to leave him alone and treat him again as just another ordinary Sikh?

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As for the Tankah, if KPS Gill stage manages a pesh through Badal and is forgiven for his actions by just doing a few Japji Sahib paths, does this mean that it will be ok for Sikhs then to leave him alone and treat him again as just another ordinary Sikh?

If KPGill wanted to go pesh (assuming he's Amritdhari), he would have done it - you don't need to go through someone.

Going Pesh would be admitting he had done wrong. I'm not aware of any historical precedent where the 5 Pyare stopped someone from asking for forgiveness and giving an appropriate Tankah.

If Guru Ji forgives those who go Pesh, who are we to keep a grudge?

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I hope you havent lost respect for the rest of the sikhs who werent there when the panth needed the most. Buddha dal was not the only one who wasnt there. I dont know if your close ones were there but mine weren't. Shuld I be ashamed of Buddha dal more than my folks who werent there?.

not a personal attack but u just provoked some thoughts.

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khalsa panth came from 1699 to 2008 not 1985 to 2008 ... why is their need to nihungs to be every where when guru gobind singh ji made whole kaum singh ... when each and every singh is given sword and called khalsa akal purkh ki fauj ... then why blame nihungs ???

if people say bad thing happened to them just because 4 - 5 % people didnt support them its just that they are trying to hide their in capabilities ...

what should have nihungs done in 1984 ??? when they knew its all panga of akali sarkar ... and they are worth not to be believed ... and this happened when they came out with hands up ... leaving sant bhindrawalle for shahhedi ...

we warned panth in 1920s ... then 1950s ... then 1970s then in 80s ... if u are in war the first rule is not to cry when they hit u back ... be prepared to even loose your family money home end even yourlife ...

and if u are not u are not ment to fight ... there was time when singhs got shahhedi ... it was proud for other singhs .. but today it was a cry and blame game ...

if you are fighting a battle be prepared for either victory or otherwise ...

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"admin cut Where was he and the Buddha Dal when (1984) the Sikhs needed him the most?

Since then, I have lost respect for the nihungs, sorry, but this is my personal opinion.

admin cut."

Actually, Jathedar Baba Mann Singh ji, of buddh dal, told me that his singhs did fight. Although I don't think this was in 84.

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spiderman is right. 1984 happened cos of terrorists occupying the red fort in new delhi, and live under the false title of the worlds largest democracy.

the rulers of hindustan have largely always been terrorists.

well done spiderman. neo plz dont ban him for this.

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I think people should stop stereotyping.

Yes, Indira and Ranjeev were responsible for attrocities, as were other members of the Government who incited violence, but we can't keep putting all proceeding and current politicians in the same basket.

Sure current Gov't is not great, but I don't think they would dare repeat mistakes of the 80's.

Same way, the movement and objective of Baba Jarnail Singhs justified parchaar died with him. Subsequently, many crimes were commited by both black cats and Sikhs, under the guise of various freedom fighting movements.

There is blame on all sides, everyone needs to wake up to that fact.

Personally, I think, the idiot's who are running Punjab now and those in power in various 'Sikh' representative organisations, would only throw a potential Sikh state into fanaticism, turmoil and civil war. I for one have no confidence in all supposed current leaders.

What God will do tomorrow, only he knows.

Better to focus on support and funding free education for all, promoting the use of Punjabi language, do intelligent parchaar, build hospitals, organise drug rehabilitation, introduce green farming and preserve the land and water etc....

Just mho.

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