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Recommend some Sikh texts for me to buy while I'm in India?


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I'm going to India soon and I'm planning on buying a bunch of books. I was hoping people could recommend books or puratan granths for me to buy, either in English or in Punjabi. Also, if people could post a brief description I'd really appreciate that.

Just wondering, is it considered inappropriate to transport puratan granths in your suitcase (not carryon) luggage? I'm not referring to Gurbani here, but to puratan granths.

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I agree with Kam,

and if you want dasam granth steeks, there is a nihang in roparh that has written the steeks in 6 volumes, only 4 are currently published, but these are the best steeks I have seen or heard of for dasam granth.

Have you ever read Giani Narain Singh Jee's steeks on Dasam Granth? Those were really worth reading. But I guess who better to do steek of the Birrassi Dasam Bani than a Nihang Singh. What's the Nihang Singh's name? I also want to get those steeks now.

Does Buddha Dal have an official steek of Dasam Granth that they endorse?

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the nihangs name has slipped my mind right now, but from what little parts of that steek I have read and have heard, it is much better than pandit narain singh's steeks, which I personally thought were a little shallow for how much people had bigged them up to me - giani narain singh doesn't really go beyond akhree arth. A nihang that is a vidyarthee of Baba Gurbachan Singh published these steeks which I believe were originally written quite a long time ago. If you ask around Nihangs in Punjab, I don't think it'll be very hard to find out where to get these steeks from.

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