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Kirtan in qwalli style

Khargh Singh

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

But does anybody know where i can get kirtan done in the qwalli style?

I know there is a few shabads done by chand afzal on rajkaregakhalsa.net but does anybody know of anymore?

also is there anything similar to this style in gurmat sangeet?in either guru granth sahib ji or dasam granth sahib ji or anywhere else?

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Qwaalli and Sant (chimte/chhennay - rural) style kirtan are both recent innovations.

There is enough info in this section regarding puratan kirtan style and Sant kirtan.

Qwaalli kirtan is something that renegade type musicians do i.e. Daya Singh Aussie 'tries' this (as well as kirtan to Michael Jackson tunes), but is not very successful and in his fusion creates much confusion.

A more impressive attempt I recall seeing was in a video filmed at Bhaini Sahib during Holla Mahalla in 2002 I think - a very talented kirtani called Sukhdev Singh was singing Baba Farid's poetry (not bani I think) in truely beautiful qwaali style, but it didn't go down well with the sangat.

At least he tried to learn and project the qwaali tradition in its original form.

Qwaali is the originally the devotional music of Sufis, which has been hijacked for mainstream and bollywood purposes in the century gone.

It comprises Ham'd - Praise/ustat of God, Nath Sharif - Praise/ustat of Sants/Pirs and Man Kabat - songs of deep love/ecstasy.

Qwaalli is not a Sikh music tradtition - Gurbani poetry style nor hukum fits Qwaali execution.

That Nusrat Ji used qwaali for gurbani is a different matter - he is a Sufi!

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Why is clapping so frowned upon amongst the sikhs? Is it a religious objection or cultural?

I understand that the old babe were straining in their Kacheras when Nusrat Sahib and Co started clapping at their Southall gurdwara performance.

Also the fact that qwalli doesn't go down well with sangat says more about their lack of experience/knowledge about music than anything else. Most Sikhs have been bought up with the base style of semi-classical music that is performed at HArmandir Sahib (as seen on satelite channels). Anything different from this is probs seen as 'anti-gurmat' or not 'as per gurmat maryada' (two of the most popular phrases amongst Sikhs today?!), or just plain boring!

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There is nothing wrong with Qwaali - it's a beautiful devotional Sufi art, but whether or not it deserves a place in Guru's darbar is another issue.

Gurbani gives us all clear cut instructions about which praise should be sung in sangat - kirtan - and it gives us clear cut instructions about how that kirtan is to be performed.

Jattboot does raise an interesting point though - the same 'Uncles' who had a problem with Nusrat Ji's clapping, are the same ones who sit there reminiscing their jvaani days whilst listening to Tumri and Filmy kirtan that they purchase from carefully appointed darbaari kirtani - bunch of hypocrites.

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Bhai sahib has an awesome voice and his singing is about the closes i've heard of qwali style.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Jee (Jammu) from the AKJ Jatha.


search his name in the link above and enjoy :)

Not all shabads are sung in the gazal style, but there are some which are, this one is my favorite: http://akj.org/multimedia/California-Bay/2...8cal)007fri.mp3

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Shaheediyan, when you said it didn't go down well with Sangat, which Sangat are you talking about?

From what I understand clapping isn't done in Sangat because the Kirtan we perform is not showmanship. However I remember seeing a video once of when Baljit Singh was performing Raag for Sri Satguruji and Yogi Bhajan and one or two of his gora Sikh were also there. It was rather early and Yogiji just landed that day or the night before I think and came straight to the Asa Di Vaar so his fellow Sikh was rather tired and visibly falling asleep while listening to the Raag. And back then Baljit Singh hadn't become a lazy bum and was quite on his game back then and the Raag being performed on the Taar Shehnai was so melodious and the Sangat enjoyed it so much that after he stopped some people actually forgot where they were sitting and actually started clapping, abruptly waking up the gora Sikh, for like 2 or 3 seconds. And then they quickly realized where they were sitting and stopped. It was quite hilarious! :D

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The mostly Namdhari sangat that was at the Hola divaan.

I didn't mention anyone clapping, the qwaal was done without clapping, but still sounded excellent (as silly as that may seem). May you could dig out the video and post it for is, it was at Bhaini sahib in 2002 from what I remember.

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