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Meat in Gurudwara


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I was having a conversation with my friend, who attended a wedding at a gurudwara in Cardiff and there was meat inside. I think they are of the 'Pathra' Caste? Can anybody confirm why this is allowed for them, bearing in mind gur maharaj (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) is presant upstairs in the Darbar Sahib?

Love and Light.


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Comparison to Ravidasias in inappropriate. Where they have established themselves as a seperate religion, Bhatrai follow Guru Sahiban and Sikh theology/doctrine - and don't give reverance to any perticular personality. Not all their Gurdwarai serve meat - only 3 out of the UK ones as far as I know, and even then I don't know if it is a permanant fixture or if they were just one off events by some particular members of the sangat. An old friend of mine was once very impressed by a full English breakfast he had at the Nottingham Gurdwara a few years ago...

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with all the fat and sugar and junk calories that goes in a Full English breakfast, its not too dissimilar to what all langars serve these days.

My question is, What is worse: serving meat in gurdwaras or the crap that you usually find being served leading to obesity, Type II diabetes, gout, joint problems and a whole host of health issues amongst the community??

Even our kids are bribed and poisoned to attend gurdwaras/sikh camps with plates of chips, pizza, beans, coke etc!!

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Its not so much the unhealthy ghee and oil filled food which is bad, its the lazy and unhealthy lifestyles of the people in our community.

That diet is great for the people who would get up early and go to their farming in the heat. Now, its prontas for breakfast whilst they sit infront of the tv watching tv dramas, ghee in the tharka, ghee in the dhaal, ghee on the roti, and then when they reheat the dhaal there is more ghee to make it "tastier".

The diet is fine if you do the excercises and bal to go burn it off.

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