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~ Appeal for donations for the blind sikh school in India ~


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VahiguroojikakhalsaVahiguroojikifateh Sadh Sangat Ji,

Please read the following the pamphlets realeased by Sant Sobha Singh Ji. They are doing amazing seva, they themselves cannot see but maharaj has done appar kirpa on them that they have take this mahan seva of opening up asharam for blind childrens, childrens with special need and orphans.

Here are the pamphlets in order:




Please pm me if you are interested to make a donation directly to them so i can provide you guys with their charity organization bank account details in India.

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i ll try my best to translate what it says but i think it be lot easier to give a ring to the number which is listed in the pamphlet and ask them about their organization, so that they can give you feedback.

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sounds likes a interesting idea... unbreakable, does paypal deal with indian banks? because all the donations ultimately have to go to their trust in india thats cuts off middle man like me who live at the other side of world.

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