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Practise of Sunnat ? Process of converting to Islam ?


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First of all , no malicious intentions here.

Just a simple question out of curiosity :

Do all sects of Islam practice sunnat ? Which ones do and which ones don't ?

If someone wants to convert to Islam does he has to get it done too?

What does it symbolize ? And who was the first person to get it done ?

Are the females exempt from this practice ?

Thank You

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What do you mean by sunnat? I think you are confusing sunnah with circumcision. Sunnah refers to the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) and the Immaculate Imams (as). It is compulsory in most fiqh schools and it involves males only. Circumcision is practiced by Muslim, Jewish and by Oriental Orthodox Churches and goes back to Prophet Abraham (as). It symbolises the alliance between God and the monotheistic prophetic traditions. It existed in Ancient Egypt as well and is widespread in the US too as a hygenic measure (I don't know if that is still true).

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It also exists in ancient African tribal traditions (non semetic).

These traditions pre-dates Judaism, and are an ancient initiation rite for boys to become men. It is only after this is done without medicinal help (at the painful age of around 15) that the boy is treated as a man (if he shows absolutley no expression on his face during the process) and is allowede to marry.

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In Iran it's referred to as khatneh and in Arabic khitan. Shaheediyan's observation is correct, I had forgotten to add it. Needless to remind you that khatneh is taboo for you Sikhs.

yup , a big one too.

This reminds me of an incident. Once a raag singh brought a bunch of granths to Sant Ishar Singh Kaleran wale and asked Him to read them. Baba Ji jokingly replied that raagan sian dhyaan naal je ant wele surti muhammad saheb de granthan vich rehgi taan sunnat karaoni pai ju. Asin taan usde granth parde haan jisde (guru nanak) dar utte lakhan muhammad chukde hun."( Beware raagi singh, if at your end time your consciousness remains in Prophet Muhammad's literature you will have to get circumcision done. I only read literature of Guru Nanak at whose door millions Muhammads salute)

Obviously, there is a hidden message in this anecdote. As Bhai Gurdas ji have explained if a calf leaves his mother and go look for milk elsewhere he will only get shittar.

Since no one is greater than Guru Nanak we sikhs will only get shittar if we go elsewhere .

And also nothing wrong with increasing your knowledge about other dharams as long as we don't deviate from our own path.

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Jews and Muslims practice this thing. It's a story about a covenant made by Abraham to their God. Their God told Abraham and his future generations to do the same.

Jews and Muslims are very alike on Abraham but with one major difference. Muslims believe in Abraham through his son Ishmael and Jews by his other son Isaac.

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